Sunday, February 7, 2010


May you all have a Blessed and Happy Sunday.May you remember the Simple Things in Life!


  1. "HEY" girl-

    you too, happy Sunday. My daughter is coming over and we are going to buy some flowers for my Sis and my Mom too. Skipp brought home stuffed filet of sole from his restaurant and I am bringing that over to hem as well for their dinner tonight. Gracey-Blue is staying here, behind the gate, which she hates, oh my goodness. I need a bit of a break from her though. We are together 24/7!!!!! SHe IS precious. very busy, butprecious.

    I love you girl 'hey'

  2. Gail. that sounds awesome, say hi to your Mom and Sis, wish them well. you make me laugh when you say you need a break from Gracey-Blue, I feel the same way about Sparky, the Jack Russel....on my. some days I want to pull my hair Have a great day, I love you too girl hey. Cindy

  3. Wow - cool pic!
    Maybe we can all have a good, quiet night, and lots of restful sleep!
    And a great week ahead!

  4. Anne, has your insomnia kicked in, Here I am at almost midnight, I missed my afternoon nap, so that mixes everything up. Maybe I have too much going on in my head. Have a great week.


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