Friday, January 29, 2010

Physical Activity!

While on my way to my Doctors the other day,
I took the above photo,
and when looking at it later,
I reflected on how something like this can really inspire me!
It was about minus 20 and there they are, you can spot them all over the city!
If they can do this in the winter, surely I can do this in the summer!
I chuckled when I noticed the sign thinking to myself.
When you are ill, how quickly your muscles become weak
and then there is the need for physical therapy.
So this morning I am taking my exercise program up a notch!
My best friend got a Wii Fit for Christmas,
and says she loves it, although when I talked to her the other night
she had said she had pulled a muscle!
With her larger than life personality she had me in stitches as she was describing what she had been doing,
something about jumping, and yes she could actually jump, but then her leg went out to far.........I swear she should have been a comedian, because she can be so funny, both of us kinda have a dry sense of humor!
So anyway between the biker in the picture and her I too swear to be more physical.
So yippee to a day with energy!
I hope you all have a great day!
I will be by to have a visit and catch up on all the blogs I visit,
I had company for a few days,
but now can catch up with you all.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. The difference of winter and summer exercise is the weather and no amount of my heart pumping at its calorie burning level will allow me to be out in the cold. I do think the weather plays a big part of it all.

  2. I tried biking once.
    I have strong legs so I thought it would be fun.
    All the "cool kids" ride bikes here.
    Glad you are well, Cinner!


    Well you know I am a Wll fit fan - phew. it is great for balance and strengthening. And now with our pup, Gracey-Blue, I am outside several times a day walking, breathing, training and on and on. In fact,I can only stay a minute because I need to do some things while she is content. When you get a mment go see her pictures on my blog, k?

    Love you girl

  4. Hi cinner I was amazed there was no snow in your photo, we have about 4' of it in Morinville. It is strange how the city's temperatures and snow amounts differ from the small towns just north of it.
    I am sure you will feel so much better with exercise, I have started back at Curves as I wasn't doing any exercise at all with it being so cold. I do feel so much better.....:-) Hugs

  5. Oh Bernie, we have quite a bit, you can really see it on the side streets, but the main roads everything just looks dirty. I really have not felt well for three weeks, sort of a cold, just aching, but I am feeling so much like myself today, so feel like I can get back at it now. Have a great weekend. Thanks for always stopping by my blog Bernie, you have such a kind heart.

    Gail, I will be right over, I have been wondering how you have been doing with the puppy. Have a great weekend...I will leave you a message there.

    Anne I think it will take more than me riding a bike to be cool Anne, I will have to hang out with you, then we will be all that and a bag of chips...or should I say Have a great weekend. Big hugs.

    Nancy, Me too, I am starting out in the house, then outside, I don't really mind the cold, but I am going at a slow pace for Hope you are well....I had the best salad, I followed your recipe, thanks...I am not much of a lettuce lover...have a great weekend. Take care.

  6. Bike riders on public streets are real troopers!

    My sister is raving about her Wii and all the exercise she gets from it. I've never tried it but I'll check it out the nest time I'm home for a visit.

    Glad you are feeling good Cinner. Hope things warm up there a bit and you have a great weekend.


  7. No no no Cinner-
    You put the cool in cool! ☺
    Put the two of us together and look out!

  8. Just thought of something funny.
    COOL kids for sure when it's that cold!!!

  9. Hi Joanna, oh yes you will have to try it. Everyone I have talked to have all said they love it! I will be in the residential side streets, no main roads for me. You too, I loved your post today.

  10. Exercise is good in all seasons. In my yoga classes, number of students increases in summers were as in winters there is a sharp decline.

    Best wishes. :)

  11. The guy on the bike looks very uncomfortable and cold. But at least he's getting good exercise. With your sense of humor and positive attitude, you'll reach your goals. I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place and perhaps return the favor.

  12. Here's to making all your plans realities. I need help with that, myself.

  13. What a beautiful post and a lovely blog! Not sure how I got here but I'll be back!

  14. the wii can be exhausting...but, so much fun! enjoy whatever daily activity you choose.


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