Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There Is Light At The End of The Tunnel!

I have found this to be true quite a few times this week.
One of my struggles with this lifestyle change
has been to change my mind on drinking water.
I believe I have finally conquered that one.
Which is major for me,
Also my friend Jackie has been doing this me,
and great news she has conquered it as well.
W e could call ourselves the Water Benefit Warriors.
What I have noticed the most is
my Skin looks so much better,
and I don't feel so puffy.
So now I am figuring out how to convince myself I like salads,
I f  I am at someones house, I always love their salads,
but I don't usually like mine....
What is with that~
So salad for lunch today,
Supper is a shrimp stir fry
with brown rice.
Wednesday my two nephews are coming to spend the night with me,
and then they are off to the West Ed Mall the next day,
I will not be able to go to the mall, it is so huge it just plays me out too much.
But I am looking forward to Wednesday night.
So I may not be around for a couple of days to visit your blogs,
but I always do catch up.
Thanks again to everyone that has stopped by and has been a great support to me,
You inspire me every day to try and do my best!
Have a wonderful day,
I would love how your doing.
Take care.


  1. About not liking your own salad -
    It seems to be a Universal Truth that someone else's stuff always looks good and tastes better. Probably an illusion, Cinner!
    I started to like my own salad MUCH better when I started to buy the salad in ready-made bags. And got several different kinds of dressings...
    Now I really made good salads -Like a "Bohemian Salad" like I had on vacation - and what's not to like about that?
    Glad you are going toward the Light!

  2. I like salads with a crunch - grated carrot, celery, slivers of almonds, beansprouts. Keep them varied and add a low-fat dressing.

    Salads taste better in the summer as well - harder to avoid the comfort foods when it is cold.

  3. Hi Cinner-

    I am SO busy with Gracey-Blue - defining a whole new schedule!! Sheis adorable and is learning quickly the do's and dont's and where's!! :-)

    I am not blogging much - too busy. phew.

    Good for you on the water!! I struggle still - sigh.........'
    well, off to the doctors for a BP check and taking my Mom as well.

    Love you girl

  4. Hi Cinner, I didn't realize you were here in Alberta....don't know why but though you were in Ontario.
    I don't care for WEM it is far to big for me but I will say if you can't find what you are looking for isn't there they don't make it. Have a great day.......:-) Hugs

  5. I detest lettuce so when I make salads just for me I only add carrots, cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, tomotoes, onions, hardboild egg, and red peppers. Then I take light Miracle Whip add some sweet pickle juice and salt & pepper, and dill weed and use it to dip my veggies in it. Yikes made myself wanting a salad! Great going on the water usuage.

  6. I'm a big salad fan myself. I hope you find just the right combo of ingredients for you so you can enjoy them too.

    Have a GREAT time on Wednesday with your company. That should be a fun time for you!

    Keep looking for the light honey, you're doing great.

  7. You know what convinced me I like salads? Toasted pumpkin seeds! Something I'd never have thought to try on my own. I also like the some purple leaves in the thing, beet greens or what have you. Glad your bod's groovin' on the hydration!

  8. I like a salad...IF it has broccoli and lots of croutons in/on it...and a good dressing...and the best part: if I don't have to make it!!
    (I can be sooo lazy.)
    Cindy...I just think you are the best...and I am so glad we met. I think of you every day...not only as I drink my water....but every day....just because. :)) Post me any time.

  9. Oh Jackie you are a darlin, I am so glad we have met too. I know I need to be more creative. my nephews are coming tomorrow. I will be back on track and come for a visit on Thursday. keep up with the water.

    tattytiara///I have to admit I have never tried toasted pumpkin seeds. I will have to check them out. can you buy them in amy grocery store. Thanks for the info. Be well my friend.

    Joanna, Thanks Joanna, I need to be more creative for sure. I am excited about the boys coming tomorrow. the next day they go to The West Edmonton Mall, doing all the rides and going for Submarine Rides. Take care.thanks for visiting.

    Nancy, that is a good idea, thank you. I have been trying to leave a comment, but when I have to confirm the word, there is not enough room, I wonder if you are loosing a bunch of comments that way. just letting you know. I have been by every day since I have found you.

    Bernie, I don't go to the mall, I just can not do it, too big for me. I like going to the stores I can be dropped off at the door and no walking for hours. Be well Bernie, Big hug.

    Gail, we have been passed over for a beautiful puppy. lol. I knew you would be busy for a while. Can I come over and play too. Good luck with the doctors appointments. Big hug. don't overdo it.

    Cambridge Lady, I do like them more in the summer, never really though of it that way. I think it is the lettuce I am not a big fan of.
    but I got some good ideas here. Have a great week. by to visit soon.

    Anne, I think I don't take enough time with it.Thanks for your tips and yes I will keep going to that light. Thanks for all your support and help Anne. Hugs to you.

  10. I love salads. Thank you for sharing time over at my blog. I deeply appreciate it!

  11. Cinner you are going to do it.

    Now you are gypsy number 13 and that is lucky for a gypsy. You can do anything you set your mind too.


  12. I'm sorry that I live so far away, dinner sounds great.....

    I love salad as well but with NO dressing, only a little salt. And, can't live without my water, it's herbal tea and water for me.

    Take care,


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