Sunday, January 31, 2010

Check out these Colors!

I decided I would post this photo, as I can hardly wait to get back out in my yard!
I also put it as a reminder to myself that by Spring I want to be in better physical shape.
This is the part of my world that I enjoy the most!
As you can tell I like color!
And with this whole Salad Adventure I have going on,
I like color there too!
But sometimes I still like it on someone elses table.
Especially Sunday mornings when we used to go out for 
fat free Bacon and Eggs, toast and hashbrowns.
Yeah I know fat free my behind!
In the am I am starting my day with 
yogurt, berries, all bran, and 12 almonds.....
Then a walk with the dogs
That should be a good start to my day 
to continue making good choices the rest of the day.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
May it be colorful!


  1. You are the creative one, Cinner!
    Did I mention that I'm glad to know you?
    I hope that you have "the best day ever" today -
    filled with splashes of colour and Love...
    and Springtime in your kind and gentle heart!

  2. Hello Cinner, I did enjoy reading this post today! Is that your yard? It is beautiful! I would not blame you for wanting to get out there! Enjoy your week Cinner!

  3. Yes, if you start with good choices, it seems easier to continue with them!

    What a gorgeous back yard you have!!!


    Good start and incredible color. I had corn bran, orange juice and yogurt. I, like you, love french toast and bacon, but,oh well, I went to the store to get Gracey-Blue her dog food - called "In the wild", it is a natural blend with no fillers. Jen and Joel were here and we had lunch together - subway actually. I had the low fat chicken with lettuce and onion dressing - and green tea.

    For dinner I made chicken salad with raisins, almonds, tomatoes and yogurt dressing. Phew.

    I have been outside with Gracey-Blue several ties and I am also making home made chicken soup so I know it has NO salt - I will freeze it for another cold night.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday
    Love you girl. "Hey"

  5. WOW, I am so impressed with your discipline and your breakfast sounds good....:-) Hugs

  6. Is that your back yard????? It's fabulous Cinner.

    Have a great week.

  7. Your yard is gorgeous! I am working on my health as well, so I applaud you.

  8. Yes everyone that is part of my yard, from Spring to winter I am in it almost every waken moment. today I was outside and it is just piles and piles of white snow, my dogs can only get around where we shovel It will make it that much more worth it when I can get out there.

    Tabitha, I applaud you too, it is not an easy task.. I wish I knew at twenty what I know now at 46. Take care. I will be thinking of you.

    Joanna yes it is my back yard,,,it is the best part of my house, it feels like a huge extra room. have a great week too, by to see you soon.

    Unknown Mami, I love the colors, a little color enhancement, not much, my hot pink boards and some of my fence and my back door is that pink.
    I tried to leave a comment on your blog the other luck for me. Have a great week.

    Bernie, how are you making out at Curves, of course your probably snowed in this weekend. It
    sure came down here.

    Gail, your doing awesome with your eating, and that soup sounds great, i have a bit of the sniffles. Gracie Blue must be keeping you pretty active.Take care, hope your feeling more yourself.

    Dame Penniwig, good choices, I do pretty good lately,,,sometimes those commercials can really get you thinking. I love my yard! I left a comment about my mysterious package, I love the earings, thank you so much...the packaging was wonderful too. So thank you once again. a penniwig original. yeah. lucky you can tell I love pink.

    Claire, hi, yes that is my yard. I have tried to leave a message and I could not, so if you wonder where I have been I keep trying my friend. I hope your drawing is going well. Have a great week too. take care.

    Anne, I had springtime in my heart, but let me tell you I have so much snow........we took turns shovelling.........then I watched......February can be a tough month for us up here...still snowing when I went to bed...but afterall its Canada...When I get as skinny as you, I am going someplace warm, it will probably be a hot bath, but hey what can a girl do. I am glad to know you too. visit you soon. Take care.

  9. Cindy...You and I are thinking alike, my friend.
    I can't WAIT until spring!! I posted a spring posted beautiful colors. We think alike.:)) Many warm smiles to you....and we both will shout with joy when spring arrives!!

  10. Jackie, I even dreamt about it last night, I was planting my flowers, the sun was shining,,,it was so real,,,and yes when we get out there we are going to shout with joy.


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