Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day in 2010. I Chose to Embrace the Day!

This picture was not from today,
But it could have been,
When I awoke today, there was a renewed excitement for the Upcoming Year,
All the possibilities that lay before me,
I was so excited!
My feet hit the floor almost running!
I have to admit I did not make it to Midnight Last Night!
So maybe the rest did me some good.
I was up at 12.15 last night as my one dog was barking and barking,
He has never been a love of fireworks.
So I just pet him and we both listened until they ended!
So my day started with 2 glasses of water,
then a wonderful coffee and then before my husbands eyes
I was walking on my stairstepper, I am starting off slow.
Then I did some stretches and even got my barbells going.
Then I ate a healthy breakfast,
I even started taking down some of my Christmas ornaments.
It felt good, I have very high hopes for me this year,
And there is no way I can fail.
I will be back soon my little chickadees!
It was a cloudy overcast cold day here,
but in my world all was glorious!


  1. "There is no way I can fail..."
    Cinner, I would give anything right now
    if I could say those words and mean them.
    Thanks for all you share...

  2. Good job sister, I know how hard it is to get motivated, keep it up and I will be following soon. luv u talk soon.

  3. Hi Cinner-

    "YOU GO GIRL"!!!!!! :-)

    Love Gail

  4. Sound like a great day you are are having...Hugs

  5. Wow girl, I wish I had read this..this am are awesome!!!

  6. Oh, you make me feel good....just reading your blog. Keep on keepin' on, my friend!
    Hugs to you!

  7. Charge!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a fabulous year Cinner!



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