Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two Doors Down!

Two Doors Down, they are laughing and singing and having a party....
For some strange reason I have that song playing around in my mind listening to Dolly Parton.!
Maybe it is my Inner Goddess trying to get out., thats what I am going with anyway!
Although I have to say that my girls have not faced any direction close to her girls in the last twenty years!
Sorry, that is probably more information than any of you need to know or want to.
Anyway back to the doors, we have all opened and closed them throughout our lives.
I have rethought my New Years Resolution knowing that if I continue to do what I have done every year, I may be setting myself up to fail. After reading through a bunch of blogs I have decided to pick one word that I can apply to 2010, and the word I have chosen is EMBRACE!
I am going to embrace my life and apply that word as much as I can in 2010.
The two doors are representative of my Life inside my house and my life outside of it.
Inside my house is where I feel safe, I don't have to worry about falling because of my Cataplexy.
For health reasons I have to sleep alot, and when I am not sleeping I try to do what I can.
I will never be that person I was before my illness as far as my physical abilities,
but I want  to embrace everything and everyone on both sides of the door as best as I can.
It is hard for me to explain!
There is another purpose for those doors.
On the one there is a number and that is where I want to be at the end of 2010.
How is that for a coincidence!
Now for some exciting news, Next week I will be having a Giveaway on my main blog
at Things about Who, what , where, when and why, so you may want to keep an eye open for that.
Also to find out more about choosing One word, please see my other post from today at the other blog.
The idea was thought up by Dani. She is one of the lovely ladies from Lens Us Together that I have met.
We have a theme and we choose a photo every week. I have really enjoyed it and I told them I was not a real photographer, but they embraced me with open arms.
So my last post for this year is to tell you how thankful I am that you have followed my blog and have given me support and understanding. Some of you have told me that I inspire you. In actuality you are my inspirations.
So I embrace you and wish you all the best in the upcoming year.!


  1. Happy New Year Cinner.....Luv ya....:-) Hugs

  2. your word: 'embrace.' (I talked at length about it on your other blog)...but I have to tell you, my friend, I love these doors and what they represent! Great blog...great theme! (Doesn't matter which way your girls are facing...just keep going and going with 'em...:)) ) Help me, too...keep me on track with you...water, water...and more water (and less Coca Cola for me....sigh...that's one of my weaknesses.)
    Happy New Year's Eve. I'll be back tomorrow to wish you a Happy New Year. Let's embrace 2010 with a positive attitude that we can accomplish our goals because we have set realistic ones. We can do step at a time. We can!!
    Hug ya,

  3. Happy New year to you to Bernie, luv ya too.

    Jackie, ha, coca cola, well there you go, we are too peas in a pod. It does not matter what it is, I will reach for anything else. Now I have also read for every cup of coffee you have, we are supposed to drink another cup of water...we have to keep track of it.We will do it. Luv ya,

  4. ♪♫♬♫♪♬
    Happy New Year, Cinner!
    Love the pics - The Doors -
    Every day you say this is your best day ever.
    Now we can say our best year ever!
    Glad to be going through it with you!


    I love the door idea and I love your word for 2010 - "EMBRACE" - :-)

    and I so understand surrendering to reality-truth as I too realize the physical adjustments I have made due to my illness. I am so safe and at ease and capable at home - but when I go out through the door it is a very different reality. phew. I am SO glad we found each other Cin - YOU inspire me SO much. I will go and see your other blog now.

    Happy-Healthy New Year to you and yours
    Love Gail

  6. I love the photos.. the crisp colors. and of course, the beautiful words that come with it!

    I wish you all the happiness life has to offer. You have a good heart and a good soul. Happy New Year!^^

  7. Hi Gayle, Hope your having a wonderful day, I was embracing exercising this

    Sashindoubutsu, I wish you all the happiness too. I feel the same way darlin. Happy New Year.

    Gail, hi...I so understand exactly Gail, it is hard to explain is'nt it. I too am so glad we have each other. No complaining from me but I have been feeling drained from the holidays, but I have been embracing my day. Love ya. How is your Mom doing? Happy New Year, I am off to have a nap. Maybe I will dream we are walking in your brook together.

  8. Cinner I think this is a wonderful idea. It doesn't set you up to fail but only win no matter what.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Renee, what a fabulous day I had today. I agree I think it is going to be a win win. After reading your post today, I am going to go online and register for a organ donar. I had it written on the back of my drivers liscense. I am fortunate to have found your blog. you handle life with such grace. your love for your daughter made me cry today. A Good cry. Thankyou for that and for you. Love c


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