Monday, December 28, 2009

Preparing My New Year Resolutions!

Sometimes I think Where Do I start With This List, and how many Pages should it Be!
I like who I am, I just want to feel healthier and since this blog is about my Weight Issues
well I am going to be Serious. I could tell you that I have made lists every year since I can remember.
And I do achieve my lists, however for a certain period of time.
I have the tendancy to stray after about 3 weeks.
So the good thing is I know this, and they say it takes 3 weeks to change a habit.
So I must sabatoge myself just when  I am about to beat it.
Sounds a little crazy to me, but I am being honest....
so I am reminding myself why I need this so much.
My List Begins!
This past year my Dad died of heart disease, I do not want to go through what I saw him go through at the end of his life, Also Diabetes seems to run rampant in our family on both sides of the family. so there is another negative against me. I have sleep apnea. I have been diagnosed with Severe Cataplexy. The medications make me feel very sluggish, exhausted and have become limited as to my physical activities.
So having said all this, 
  This Is My List
Keep a Journal of the food I am Eating.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water
Stick to a Schedule Because of My Cataplexy
Do Tai Chi every Morning
Walk my Dogs every day increasing distance weekly, walk each dog separately once a day!
My Goal
To have more Energy,
To ride my New Bicycle by Spring
To Be more Flexible!
If  I can accomplish the above
The weight will fall off!
So that is my plan!
I would love to hear your New Years Resolutions,
And Remember Success is Possible because of Past Failures!
Just like we would not appreciate Spring if we did not have the Winter!


  1. Cinner - "pinky jinx!"
    We are thinking the same things at the same time! Except walking the dog...
    Easy does it, eh?


    I want to share that I have 'heard' that it takes six weeks to form and/or break a habit. Not three - but who knows!!! :-)

    I really like your 'goals'........and remember, it's not failure, but rather 'not yet success'. ANd you are SO right - if you do all those great things for your health the weight-loss is simply a natural outcome as well. It is a "win-win"!!! YAY!!!!!
    My goals?
    To continue to-
    Stay in balance - in all things - be balanced, moderate, add some enthusiasm and humor, keep the music alive and REALLY live as if each day IS a gift. Do all things with love.

    Love to you my amazing friend

  3. Okay, my experience is that I never keep any resolutions I make. I should be ashambed to admit it but we are being honest here. I do know I need to eat less and move more as all I have been doing is picking at snacks for days now and if chocolates were a drug I would of overdosed 3 days ago....I just have to get motivated and so something instead of complaining as I do......perhaps a list will be a good start.....:-) Hugs

  4. Those are some great resolutions!! Mine are some of the same ones!!!

  5. me your list seems like a list that is a doable one....I hope you don't mind if I borrow a couple of yours. I am going to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I have never done that, and I think it will make for a healthier 'us'...don't you? For me, I know it will...because (1) When I drink that much, I don't think I will be as hungry..(2) Water is so good for us . I also want to ride my bicycle....which I haven't ridden in 5 or more years. I'm going to have Jack get it from the shop (it's hanging on a hook upside down...suspended from the ceiling.)
    I'm going to take it slowly....knowing that I can't do this all in one month or two....and I know that I didn't gain the weight in one month or, it makes sense. I hope that you will help encourage me....and I will do my best to do the same for you. It doesn't matter if it is a few pounds or more....they come off one pound at the time....just like step at the time. I do value your help in this....I mean that with all my heart.
    May our year be the best yet.
    I send you another hug of condolences as I think back on the fact that you lost your Dad in 2009.
    My heart does ache for you...and I know that yours will always have that empty spot for him.
    I am glad that I met you, Cindy....and I look forward to more warm and friendly blogging times with you in 2010.
    Resolutions....we can make them and keep them. Together...we can do this!
    Smiles and warm hugs,

  6. Good luck Cinner. You can do anything, but it is mostly important to do it for health and that is what you seem to be doing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. That is a Resolutions great Cinner. You know I'll be cheering you on.

  8. I have a bicycle and whenever I ride it I feel pure joy.

  9. Happy New Year Cinner! I too am glad that our paths have crossed on~line:-) You have some great resolutions....just remember to take "baby steps" so that you don't get too frustrated~ xo~ Janet

  10. Unknown Mami, my husband tried to talk me into a 3 wheeeler because with my Cataplexy I have a tendency to fall. I did ride it 3 times this past summer and did fall all 3 times....maybe I need training wheels, I will deal with that in the summer. take care. Glad you enjoy it, is that how you get all your pictures of the city.

    Joanna, Thankyou for being there supporting me, I really do appreciate it.

    Renee, Definately for my health. If I would have known how things would be now I would have taken care of myself better when I was younger. So I am trying to do the best I can now. Big hugs to you.

    Jackie, thankyou for such a wonderful comment. Of course we can do this together. And that s what I have to remember is not to get discouraged from day to day. no diet here, just a lifestyle change. That water is a big thing. I have to make a real effort with that one, and when I do I instantly notice a heres to us doing it together in 2010. Thanks for the mention of my Dad, it was hard at Christmas without him, but we all did really good. I watched the movie Pay It Forward with Helen Hunt. It was on T.V. AND I cried like a baby at the end. It was so heartwrenching...I too look forward to our friendship in the upcoming year. Big hug.

  11. Janet, hi thanks for popping in, Yes small steps for this chick. especially with my short legs...lolo. Have a great New Year.

    Gayle , I think we all have the same ones , although some of us know they will break them. I am really not even going to think of it as a resolution, just a new start. Happy New Year.

    Gail, about six weeks, well maybe I gave up too early.....I like your outlook, do all things with love,,,me too, I am just grateful for every day.

    Bernie, You made me laugh with your comment about chocolate. We just try our best and do it right. heres to our support system in the New Year.

    Anne pinky jinx, I thought we only do that when we see a volkswagon. lol. And yes easy does it, I promise. Happy New Year.

  12. Hi Cinner!

    You have set some great goals and ambitions. I am supporting you every step of the way and hope you get where you want to be.

    I have finally faced up to the fact that I need to deal with my extra weight this year. Diabetes runs in my family and I know I have the power to avoid developing this condition. I have also settled too long for being just "fit and healthy enough" and never striving for more. You have really inspired me over recent months and I hope we can support each other this year.

    Sending you warm wishes. So glad we have met via blog-land!

    Happy New Year! xxx

  13. Cinner I cannot even draw a stick.

    I did a post in february 09 talking about my art heists and how I just downloaded things while on chemo. Half of the stuff I don't even know who did it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  14. Renee, Well wherever you found them, they are just beautiful. How are you feeling? You have suffered the loss of so many. I admire you, I had such a difficult time with my Dad....I guess we face each day head on and as a gift. I told my Mom about your trunk at Christmas, she was very excited for you. All our best! Next week come by and visit my other blog, it is posted on my sidebar. I am having a giveaway.

    Cambridge Lady, please see my post on my other blog, it is rethinking my thought process, and I think that will work for me. We can be support systems for one another. I am so glad I have inspired you, truth is all my followers really inspire me. So we can do this, my Dad was on insulin for about 25 years, and I need to avoid it too. So we embrace this together! Glad we have met by blogland too. Next week on my other blog I am having a give away. Happy New Year.


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