Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There Mailed!

Well Jolly Good, I finally got my Christmas cards finished and mailed,
Haleluyah, Haleluyah!
This year I had a heck of a time with it,
I basically said we are all fine, settling into the season, wish we all could be together, etc.
What I wanted to say was....I don't feel like writing letters because if truth be known,
My Dad died and it was an excruiating year!
How would you like to get a card like that.
I composed myself after I had a little cry.
and then I managed to do the task at hand!
I felt totally fine after doing it.
The rest of the season I have been quite fine, have  my tree up.
I had a phone call tonight and my Mom is coming tomorrow for a few days so I wont be around much,
But I wish you all the best and hope you are well.
Be well.


  1. So sorry to learn about your Dad's passing. I'm glad you and your Mom will be spending time together. Have a lovely time. Stay well :)

  2. The Holidays can be the hardest when you've lost someone dear.
    Glad you and your Mum have each other.
    Enjoy this precious time of year!
    It's a time of re-birth for us all, if we let it be.

  3. Cindy...I am sad as I read about your Dad dying...and that does change the outlook of the season. You are kind to send cards...even when you didn't feel like writing them...That was very verrry sweet of you. I hug you...and hope that you know that my thoughts will be with you through the season. If there's anything I can say or do to help make it easier, please let me know. I mean that....
    Take care of you.
    Hugs from Jackie


    Enjoy your Mom, remember your Dad together and feel his presence this Christmas and always.
    Love to you my friend

  5. PS- They have cool mailboxes in Canada!

  6. Anne lol, I think there from England, not my photo.

  7. Christmas can certainly be a hard time of year. I have some special Christmas ornaments with my grandparents photo in them. They have been gone over 10 years now. It makes me smile when I see them glistening and twirling on the Christmas tree. Karen xoxox

  8. p.s. I just love the look of your blog! The prettiest ever!!!

  9. cinner, I remember well the years I didn't write Christmas letters because of the painful year I had gone through....I simply didn't do it, the fog took many years to lift at Christmas time....am so happy your mom is visiting you for a few days, you can support each other......:-) Hugs

  10. I know how hard it is to write in your Christmas cards when you don't feel like it!! The first Christmas after my dad died, I don't think I did any cards. This year I am not sure if I am going to do any or not. Nothing major has happened...just don't feel like it.

  11. Oh Cinner, You are gooooood! I haven't written cards in years!

    I didn't know you'd lost your Dad this year. I know how difficult that is and I'm sending you a huge hug. Hang in there and give you mom a huge from me too.

    I'm heading out of town next week and will be offline all week. So, in case we miss each other, Have a GREAT Christmas! xoxoxo

  12. Unknown Mami, I am sending you one back. I visit your blog every day, but for some reason I can not leave a comment. I just want you to know I am still visiting though. Be well my friend.

    Joanna, thanks, thanks for the hugs. He farmed until 2 days before so he did what he loved to do.It was just unexpected!Have a great week out of town, enjoy your time out of the ratrace. Merry Christmas, I am glad our paths have crossed.

  13. Gayle, I can understand this. I did about half as many as I usually do. Now that my Mom was here I am feeling a bit better about it, but most would not get there in the mail. I think people will understand. I am more of a phone person anyway....no texting for me though!

    Bernie, I just want to hug you, when you said it took many years for the fog to lift, I know somewhat of what you mean. My Mom bought herself a new Christmas tree, one with remote control lights. My brother and friends will be there on the 24th, she will go to my brothers. He is on the family farm now, but my Mom lives in the house. So at least they will be together.
    I am going in the spring for a couple of weeks.
    Bernie, if I somehow miss you before Christmas, have a Merry one with your nephew! I feel blessed ouyr paths have crossed this year. Big Hug

    Karen,Thanks about the blog, I love the colors. I am sorry your grandparents have passed away. I like that you have ornaments on the tree. You gave me a good idea. I did make one for my Dad this year, but it was a little box with a letter put in, a picture of the farmhouse, and a lifesaver....I know that sounds strange but he was a diabetic and always had them with him, just in case he needed it. I am glad our paths have crossed this year. You inspire me everytime I come to visit you.

    Gail, thanks we had a really nice visit. we laughed and cried, I am okay. when she was here I felt like he was too, just feeling glad we were together. My sister is coming hopefully tomorrow depending upon the weather, so we will see. Yeah. Big hugs to you, have you been feeling okay. I HAVE been thinking of you lots lately. Take care.

  14. Jackie, you are so kind! You have made my days happier by just being you. One thing about our village are the kind caring individuals that really help me daily. They have renewed my faith in more ways than I can say, and you are one of those people. We had a wonderful visit, and I feel strong again. Big hug to you my friend.

    Anne thanks for your kind words, rebirth yes, life continues on. I am looking forward to the new year. You are one of the people I am blessed to have met this year. We don't tell people that enough, so now you know. Take that from Canada! lol.

    Cambridge Lady, thank you for your kind words. We had a lovely visit, my Mom wishes she could get through one day without crying...it is just part of the process. we will be okay, He died in May, we just don't know what happened to the Year. We are looking forward to the New Year. Take care, hope you are enjoying the season!

  15. What a gorgeous postbox. Where do you live that your mailboxes look like that? Ours are nothing so lovely.


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