Monday, December 7, 2009

I Give To You A Rose!

The flowers are for you lovely followers,
I am thrilled every time you leave me a comment,
or when I read your blogs and are inspired!
When I started this blog I really had not given it a thought,
I had started following a lovely lady named Anne,
she had lost I believe over 50 pounds.
Since I became ill a few years ago,
my physical activities are so limited,
that I gained quite a bit of weight,
and taking it off has been a very slow battle for me!
I have been working with the exercise ball,
and the other night my husband
being the sport fanatic, decides he is going to show me some exercises to do!
Well the next thing he was laying on the floor with his feet in the air,
his face was as red as could be and I said,
That was wonderful, can you show me again!
We laughed till we hurt!
Later in the evening he comes with a tennis ball and says,
You need to lay on your back and put this under your back
and move it around with your spine.
I am trying to restrengthen the muscles in my back and legs...
So the battle seems slow, but I am like the tortoise and the hare.
One day I will get to where I want to be.
So thank you once again for all your support and encouragement!


  1. Cinner -
    You Rock!
    And here's a rose back at 'cha! ❀✿❃

  2. Thank YOU, Cindy!! I love roses (my mother's name is Rose)...and that is very sweet of you to share the lovely bouquet with us.
    Continued success to you. You go girl!!!
    Smiles from Jackie

  3. Gorgeous roses - I can almost smell them from here. Sending warm wishes from England xx


    The peach colored rose is my favorite - so lovely. And YOU are amazing my friend - I love your sense of humor and your compassion and I am thrilled and privileged to call you "friend"....

    Love Gail

  5. oh cinner I am still laughing over the exercise incident.....and thank you for the lovely rose........:-) Hugs

  6. Anne is terrific :-)
    Thanks for the followers Cinner. They are beautiful.
    Keep working at it-- One day at a time.

  7. Next time I go to Canada to visit - I want to meet up for coffee -
    But don't worry - it won't be until after this cold snap!
    (Cold snap for Texas = Winter for Canada!)
    Even your blog is snowing!

  8. Anne, absolutely, If you need a place to stay, I do have a futon, and time Hortons coffee. Anne in Calgary, they showed tonight where vehicles were completely covered, we did not get it as bad...It was minus 30 today and they showed on the news two girls with just panties on protesting for Peta. I don't think they could have stood out there for more than about 2 minutes...I just had to shake me head and grab another blanket. take care.

    Joanna, Anne is a terrific lady, what a sense of humor she has. One day at a time. Take care. ps. I knew yu meant flowers...big hug.

    Bernie, we had a good laugh too. He is over six feet so his legs were everywhere. Take care.

    Gail, I am priveledged to call you friend too. Laughter is the best thing, that and being barefoot in a brook.I loved that post.

    Cambridge Lady, someday I want to visit England, I love watching the home and garden shows on tv. The roses do smell good. Did you go to the concert yet? Take care.

    Jackie, I love roses too. I always liked the name Rose, hope you are well. take care. thanks for always visiting.

  9. When I go to Canada, I will be wearing a little more than panties!
    PETA or no PETA!

  10. Anne, Thank the lord above for someone with common sense. lol. Take care!


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