Saturday, December 26, 2009

That Is It!

Hello Everyone,
I am sure I am not alone when I say I overate at Christmas!
How much did I overeat?
Let me put it this way,
My fridge has locked the door  from the inside!
My fruit and vegetables are crying in the drawer as they are feeling neglected!
All the dainties and deserts that entered this house did not stand a chance!
And the sad thing is this, I was trying to be good!
I guess the great thing is this.....
I being of somewhat sound mind do believe I will never eat another desert....
At least this year anyway!
January 1 I am starting back on my Weightwise program!
I am getting back on the wagon so to speak.
I want to feel good by Spring,
at least have a Spring in my step!
How did you do over the holidays!
Hopefully you did better than I!
I would love to hear your story!
No fruits or vegetables were injured in my story!
But as a friend of mine said, we can always start over!
And that is the truth of it.
Heres to New Beginnings!


  1. I went crazy eating. I had to work so much, and then I would be ravenous, and of course I wanted NOT the salad, NOT the yogurts, NOT the steamed veggies but the TASTY RARE MORSELS that come into the home but once a year!!! Wah!

  2. I worked just about every day...typical!
    But I'm not know I love it.

    Here's to fun times AND new beginnings!

  3. Oh, Cindy...I'm right there with you girl. I have eaten and eaten...and I'll tell you another little secret...well, the secret's out now 'cause I'm posting it....but I'm going to continue to eat until 01-01-10....and then.....this gurl's going on another diet.
    We can do this...Yes we can!!!
    Warm hugs,


    Well, I ate foods I usually don't eat - but I didn't eat all that much and I said "no" to the extras, like candy, cookies and so forth. I enjoyed my Mom's macaroni cake and I ate my stuffing on Christmas and I had some pie - but I feel fine. And it is SO nice to see you today.

    Love you

  5. I ate way way too much and now I feel sick about it!!

  6. Well - it's the feast-ive season!! I never try to be good over Christmas - it is the one time of year (apart from my birthday of course) when I get a 'free pass'. Resolutions are for the New Year - so no worries yet (hee hee!) Wishing you a fabulous new year - where you reach all your goals with ease.

  7. Stoneweaver. Thank you for dropping in. I like that getting a free pass. lol. How about for everyday that ends in a y. Thankyou for your kind words...and I do hope I meet them with ease, Be by to visit you soon. Take care.

    Gayle, Don't beat yourself up about it, Our sucesses would not be so great if we never slipped up. I talked to my sister today, we talked and said how uncomfortable we were both feeling. I am going for a walk tomorrow, that will get me back on track...and ready for some lifestyle changes again. Resolutions will be happening too. We will just get back at it....take care my friend.

    Hi Gail, sounds like you kicked major butt, good for you. I needed some of that willpower. Now I have to ask, what is a macaroni cake...or did you make a mistake. lol. please let me know, I am so very curious now. I am glad you are feeling well. My husband goes back to work in a couple of days, so I will be by to visit you then. Missed you and love ya,

    Jackie, I am right there with you...YOU looked pretty fine with that picture of your parents...just saying my dear. We will be a great support system for each other. Big hugs to you my friend. I will be by to visit soon.

    Anne, yes heres to new beginnings, and I was so excited to see you are blogging again. you are the one that got me interested in a blog about my weight. btw, you looked really good in your profile pic. Did you lose lots of weight when you were sick.

    Penniwig, that is the problem that we don't see these rare morsels enough, so when we do, well there is just no holding us back. What really works for me is when I have things prepared ahead of time. We are going to have a great year and I can just feel it in me bones. they are in here somewhere. lol. Big hug too you.

  8. And not only that Cinner I bet you did do good. Probably better than you think.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Merry Christmas new friend. Sarah

  10. HI CINNER-

    Okay, Macaroni cake - the very American name for a very Italian traditional dish.

    In Italian it is called 'pastierri' and pronounced 'Bostid". The pasta used is a #6 which is very thick spaghetti. So, we boil a pound of #6 spaghetti, cook 'aldente', drain and put back in pot, add a tablespoon or so of butter and mix well.. In a bowl we mix 2 pounds ricotta cheese, 4 eggs, salt, pepper, parmesian cheese and mix well. then we add that mixture to the spaghetti. the 9x13 baking dish is coated with oil and the spaghetti mixture is spread in to the baking dish. Dot with butter, bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes uncovered until top is a bit golden and crisp. slice in squares and serve with marinara sauce on the side to dip if desired. mmmmmm manga!!

    Come visit whn you can, I love you a bunch.

  11. Cinner, I ate way to much, and I only sampled everything.....I don't think I can eat another sweet until next year....gotta get back to exercising and fresh fruits.....hope you had a wonderful holiday......:-) Hugs

  12. Oh yeah, I ate way too much too... and most of it was sweets. I have my eye on one last caramel apple and THEN I'll get serious about getting back on track.

    Hope your Christmas was fun.

  13. It's just too hard to pass up the treats during the holidays.

  14. Oh, can I join you on your wagon. I just ate 2 great hunks of cake and I don't think I was even hungry. Why oh why can't I beat this fat monster.... : ) Came over to wish you a happy new year. Lovely post and reminder. Like always!

  15. Life with Kaishon, you can definately join me. You know it is a hard thing, all we can do is try. I don't want it for any other reason than to be more healthy. I stopped at your blog and became a follower. Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2010. I hope you join me as I am ready to kick some major butt. lol. mine.

    Unknown Mami, I so agree with you. Happy New Year, I think I have some exciting things in mind for the upcoming year. Take care my friend.

    Joanna, I have decided to start the first, all of the relatives will be gone and life should be back to normal. It is a new year, a new start, I just love beginnings. Without failures we would never have successes.

  16. Bernie, I did have a wonderful holiday. I sampled almost everything, passed by many deserts but I know I still snorfed. THATS my new word. Have a happy New Year, and we will accomplish this, I feel a renewed energy.

    Gail, I thought you meant like cake with chocolate and macaroni and I just could not picture it. I swear sometimes me brain don't think. But girl I am going to be making this, it sounds so scrumptious. I will be by to visit, everytime you post. Thankyou Gail for the lovely Christmas card. I was very touched to get it from you. You are a darling, little sister...Hope you have been well, can't wait to see what we can accomplish in 2010.

    Hi Sarah, thankyou for becoming a new follower, I was so excited, I always am when someone joins me here. I had a visit to your blog and now you have a new follower. Happy new year, It is going to be wonderful. I can feel it in my bones. I just can't see them. lol.

    Hi Renee, you know you are probably right, it could have been worse. I hope you are having a day of feeling well. If there is anything I can do please let me know my friend. A big hug to you and a Happy New Year. I have faith we are going to kick some major butt this year. I think you have longer legs than me, you might be able to kick higher. lol.


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