Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea For Two!


  1. I love the colors on your page!!!
    And the tea for two photo is precious....

  2. Jackie is right, your page is lovely, and your two dogs are adorable.....:-) Hugs

  3. I like the page makeover - and that picture is so cute. Have a great weekend :)

    great picture - they are SO loved and SO happy.

    Love to you

  5. Awwww this pic is so cute, and this is exactly how spoiled they are for real.

  6. it looks like Tea For Two in BED! I want to be your dogs :-) Great pic.

    And the new design is fabulous!

    Hope all's well.

  7. khande, that is not a nice thing to say about your dog cousins. lol. how are you doing in Mexico. I figured you would be glad to know we are in a blizzard today. we must have already got a foot of don't email me telling me about your plus 30 degree weather. lol. actually I am very happy for you. Say hi to Luis and his family. I went back on facebook last night..yes because I was checking up on you. hey someone has to keep an eye on you. love you little poohkey! Big Aunt Cinner hug.

  8. Joanna, I think if there is a reincarnation I want to come back as my dogs. They have the run of the house. Spoiled rotten. It is a blizzard going on today. so we are all underfoot. The bigger dog is part American Eskimo, lots of times he wants to stay outside. He is a furry bear. Take care my dear friend.

    Gail, I would really be lost without them. Both are from the spca shelter. I can't go there anymore as scared another would come home! It just breaks my heart to see them in there. Take care. Do you have any pets? Hope you are feeling well and taking good care of yourself.

    Cambridge lady, thankyou, the other night I came on my blog and everything I had done was gone, the next morning it was all back. Thank goodness. Take care, we are in the midst of a blizzard so it will be a quiet weekend. Be well.

    Bernie, thanks, I love the colors, my girlfriend has her livingroom all in teals and gold, I love it together. Be well my friend.

    Jackie, thanks I had to catch them in the evening for this shot and even then the cat got chased. Always some form of excitement here. Have a great weekend. I am hoping to have time to visit all my blogs I follow. So will come for a visit. Hugs to you my friend.

  9. Love, love, love that pic - Classic :0)

  10. Unknown Mami, for about 5 minutes. lol It was one of the photos I did for the Lens Us Together blog.
    we are given a different theme each week! I am enjoying it although I am not a real photographer! just a little red point and shoot camera. lol. Take care,

    Eternally distracted...Oh thankyou. all beep beep broke through after that though. take care my friend. Have a good weekend!

  11. I love this photo. It is so precious.


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