Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weight Wise Program!

Well hello everyone, I am so excited about my new program through our Weight wise program, The information I recieved was really helpful. There was about 25 of us there and the nurse that was running a lecture she was an absolute dream What I really liked about her was that she was so realistic about things, and the best advice is journalling, we must write everything we eat into a journal, and weigh our selfves once a week because it keeps us accountable, so I will be back to that, and When we eat how are we feeling, what triggered us to eat. how we felt after this. Also how we were feeling before exercising and after. Then she had us look at our barriers. So myself my main energy is in the morning, so sitting reading a book in the morning is not going to make me get to my goals. BUT  if I do them in the morning then eventually it will become a habbit. So that is step One. At the end of this program the outlook for alot of people is the lapband surgeries, gastric bypass or what is called a sleeve. This is not an option for me as I really want to do what I can for myself. The nurse did say they are only there to act a s a crutch and not always do they work.
What I found interesting is that what I start to do in the morning that is for the rest of my life. She said it is considered a Chronic condition, and even if you lose your one hundred pounds that there is no way that we can go back to our old ways. I posted the picture of the lightbulb, because this is really not rocket science, It is hard and will be hard! That light is also to remind us of brighter and better days ahead. No more darkness here for me. As far as the weight loss for the last 3 months, did great, faded, faded, but that is okay, its not about yesterday or the past 36 years. Its bout tomorrow and what I can do that day. I hope you choose to come on this trip with me. I am so excited about it.!


  1. I'm with you, cinner. Journaling sounds like a great idea.
    I'm glad that you really liked the nurse that was running the program. That's a plus from the beginning. :))
    I intend to be with you on your entire journey....I am excited for you. Much love to you from Jackie

  2. Thanks Jackie, She was really on the bit, just a great get the point across, but she compared things to like saving money so we could see it was going to be a lot of hard work. To do anything is. love to you to Jackie, Have a great day. Take care.

  3. All these blogs are so great just for that very reason. Journaling.
    The accountability doesn't hurt. Oh, and the comments and support!
    It's about tomorrow - yes - imagining how good we are all gonna look dressed up to the nines.....
    But it starts here today - down in the 2's and 3's - and we work our way up/down.
    Right again that it's not so easy. Simple, yes - but not easy!


    I am so on this journey with you. I have been aware of my weight since I was three - when I was being measured for my dance costume and I was chubby, beautiful long wavy hair, bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks and chubby. I was standing on a box so the seamstress could measure me. I was too chubby for the grass skirt so she had to sew tow of them together and adjust from there. I still, right now can feel how embarassed I felt. I cried. Phew, wher did that come from? That is only one aspect of my battle with body image. Anyway, I am SO excited to share this all with you and each day I say - "I am going to make good choices".
    Love you

  5. You know I'm cheering you on from Los Angeles. I'm so proud of you and your great attitude! Onward.

  6. You have started an amazing journey and I will be there with you every day my friend, supporting and encouraging you on....oh I am so excited for you.....:-) Hugs


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