Monday, November 2, 2009

Walk This Way!

  Well Who Knows what goes through your head and why, I have had that song buzzing in my brain all day, All because I started walking. I don't think I got this pedometer down because I wore it yesterday and had close to 3000 steps, today I walked and I raked the yard and walked again and it says 200. Now I may be slow but I do know that I did more than that,  NO questions asked. Thanks Bernie for telling me that an average is about 10,000. I darned near passed out reading that one. Then I thought, ok Cinner think about this step at a time, and that is how I have to think about it. The problem is that my lower back is really aching, I don't mean to sound like a whiny pants, but since I have gained this weight it hurts all the time. I wonder where that saying, no pain no gain comes from. Anyway I went out and got a book to journal in, so that will start tomorrow. I did better than yesterday so that is a good start. Tomorrow I have to walk before I get on the computer, the earlier the better for me. So imagine me treading down the street, cane in one hand, the other hand behind my back supporting it. Walk This Way....Who sings that darn song anyhow? How was your day, any advice to give me would be great. Take care.


  1. Well, I wasn't singing it until you mentioned it...and now....... Well, you guessed it!
    "Walk this waaay!" Yep. Stuck in my mind now.
    Continued success to you...and don't overdo it...take care of your back....small steps, you know. One step at a time is right.

  2. I walked with a patient who used a scooter - 3 miles in an hour and a half. It felt like a great pace but it was 30 minutes per mile.
    The object is health and well-being, not just numbers, right?
    And a little fun along the way can't hurt, either!♩♪♫♪♬♩♡

  3. Aerosmith! And now I'm singing it too :-)

    Hang in there-- One step at a time.


  4. Joanna, thanks keep singing, you always do. hugs to you.

    Anne your right health and well being, all is well here, Take care.

    Jackie it is that song and Walk like an Egyptian. Small steps for sure, thanks, have a great day with the kidlets.

    I really admire your commitment and humor. May I suggest a back brace. They sell ones that go right around your lower waist - and it supports the lower back and those muscles straining to withstand the "walk". They are very helpful and alleviate a lot of pain while helping you to stand up straight and tight. It is a win-win. :-)

    Great song!!!!

    Love you

  6. Gil, great minds think alike, I was thinking about that last night,,,I will have to go check it out. A win-win is what I need!
    Have a great day Gail. love to you, c

  7. That song is by sung by RUN DMC and Aerosmith.

    One step at a time baby!

    I believe 10,000 steps is the equivalent of 2 miles.

  8. Unknown Mami, thanks for that information, when I was young I used to bike into town and back, that was about 8 and a half miles! Thankyou for your info. Lately I am having some trouble getting onto your blog, I am getting a new modem, so should be on track very soon. Run DMC and Aerosmith. thanks now I know.


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