Friday, October 30, 2009

It is too early!

So I thought I would quickly catch up with everybody, First I am not used to gettting up this early anymore! I have my Weight Wise Class this morning. I worried all night about it because this is a major step for me today. I have not gone out attended once in the last seven years, because I never know when I will have a cataplexy spell. I do figure I will be sitting down most of the time, so I should be fine. I used to be such an independent person before all this nonsense started with the Cataplexy. But if you don't try you never know what you can do right.  So I am hoping for a non incident day with no sleeping or cataplexy during this. After 3 hours I will be straight home for bed to.
It snowed last night so hopefully when I hit that fresh air the cold alerts me into a much needed energy filled day. I will let you all know how I do later. I hope you all have a great day! And a Happy Halloween! This day has the potential to be our Best Day Ever!



    I hope your day was 'without incident'"!! :-) As in no falling asleep and so forth.

    I am off to the hairdressers in a bit and then my lil grandson is coming over.

    I will try the steps to get my signature on my blog tomorrow - no time today. thank you SO much for the time you have given to helping me with this project. phew.

    Love you

  2. "If you don't try, you can't know"
    Very good there, Cinner.
    I hope you enjoy the snow, and all the beautiful Canadian scenery.
    Maybe the time change will do us all a little good, too.

  3. Hope you had a good day and that all of your tomorrows will be good!

  4. Hope all goes well for you today, I love that you are doing this and we really don't know what our bodies can do wuntil we try....Hugs

  5. Hi Bernie, actually it was quite interesting, there was even a lady all the way from Winnepeg. Very informative, I will write about it tomorrow. Hope your day is great!

    Hello to Georgia Mist, thankyou for the kind words, I hope all is great for you too. Take care.

    Anne, I need yoour email, tried to get if off your profile, no luck my friend, I would love to stay in touch with you. I did very well this am and enjoyed getting out and talking to new people. Have the shakes now, but that just means I am tired.

    Hi Gail, yes everything went incidents, lol. not to worry about the signature, do it when you get time. you want to spend time with your grandbaby...I want one too...only for a couple hours, then I would send them back to a great time. take care.

  6. Yea!! I's so happy that you went out...and that the day went well (it is late afternoon as I am reading this, so I not only get the benefit of the post, but your comments as well. :)) )
    I hope that you rest after today's outing....
    Hugs to you from Jackie

  7. Hi Jackie, I am just getting up from a nap, oh I was tired. I had a good day, it was strange being out on my own, I was a little worried but I did well. Have a great weekend.Hugs to you.

  8. Hey Cinner, GREAT JOB today! I'm thrilled for you.
    Have a terrific Halloween!

  9. Hi Joannam thankyou, it was nice to meet some new people and I was on my own, once I got tired I was a little shakym but I did it! It was nice having my independance, even for 3 hours, I plan to keep doing that! Have a great Halloween and weekend. Love hearing from you. Take care.

  10. wow you are a brave lady congratulations and I'm glad it went well for you. Keep trying and keep going, every time you succeed what a thrill you'll get I am so proud of you. Mwah xx

  11. So pleased all went well for you - you are very courageous and I love catching up with your news via your blog. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :o)

  12. Cambridge Lady, thankyou, I am glad you like coming here, same me back. Happy Halloween, we have had hardly any children. I think parents are keeping them home what with the flu scare here and all.Be well.

    Kim Living Life, thanks Kim, it will be easier now for me to go alone, I will have to take a cab or be dropped off. My husband has turned into a shopaholic. He has bought a new couch all by himself and I loved it. It is pretty funny how helpful he likes to be and in all honesty if he comes home with something awful. I never tell him, as I appreciate not having to go myself as I tire out so easily. My girlfriend threw out the mumus he should have seen the colors. lol.
    Hope you had a nice Halloween, Take care.


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