Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am A Wingnut!

I can not believe the fabulous weather that we are having here.
One would really think that it were summer.
So fabulous for us in November in Canada.
So I am so enjoying the sun beaming in through my windows.
I was outside for a couple of hours this morning
And I feel good!
I have been a little down in the dumps lately due to personal reasons
and I have to be honest, the emotional eater was back this weekend.
When I started this blog, I thought I would stay on track everyday.
That I would be accountable to you as well as I.
In theory that is a grand idea, and it should work.
But like I said I was misbehaving on the weekend.
So............as the nurse said in weightwise, if you fall off, get back on, and well
Saddle up I did again this morning. I got out my journal book, made up my meals for the day,
and I am drinking my water,
and I am walking my little dog!
If I can accomplish anything else in my life, why is this so difficult for me to stay on track.
I read not so long ago that if you set out to achieve something, it takes consistant work,
so today I put up little sticky notes on my fridge, on my computer, on the cookie jar,
and should have one on my forhead! lol
I can't beat myself up about this, just go on and keep trying.
One thing I have realized is that I am a fixer,
fix this, fix that,
And now I feel helpless that I can't fix things in my family,
I can't bring back my Dad,
I can't stop my Mom from being lonely,
I can't stop how I sometimes feel!
So I can only control what I can!
So do I sound like a wingnut today or what!
And somehow through all these feelings,
I am going to have a good day!
p.s. The wingnut status just means I am human.!


  1. Dear Cinner
    We can start over at any given minute -
    That's what's good.
    Even being sidetracked is ok.
    Imagine taking a trip and not being able to pull over for this or that.
    We are on a journey, not a destination -
    Cliche but true!

  2. Hi CINNER-

    I understand the struggle - or better said, the purpose. I know you do too - we have shared and so it is a way to hide - not feel. Ah, such grand purpose - a life time of work to hide, yes? I have been hidden, actually buried - I understand and I love you more that this forum can convey. You are doing amazingly well - you are brave - I know.

    Love to you my friend

  3. We all slip cinner, you are so brave to do the right thing, by going back to your goal. You have such a wonderful spirit and I know you will have your best day......:-) hugs

  4. Getting back on the horse is good Cinner! It's one day at a time and we're cheering you on.

  5. Thanks Joanna, you really are awesome, thankyou for being here for me. and I for anyone who needs it to. take care. Big hug of thanks.

    Bernie, I did really good today, how could I not on such a gorgeous day, so me feeling like a wingnut is gone. thank goodness.

    Gail how did you get so smart, It must be living up in them woods. lol. I know you know and the purpose, I did good today, so like Joanna said I am back on the horse. It was so nice here I did not get to my favorite blogs, and I woke up tonight and started to paint. One picture I am working on is in support of the troops and I want to donate it to the Legion. Hopefully it turns out well.Be well.

    Anne, thanks your right it is a journey not a destination, how did you get so smart! Man do I wish I could go on a trip too. ha ha. How have you been doing. Hug to you. take care.

  6. We might be in the same part of the Canadian world - I know it's unseasonably nice where I am too. It's like there was a mix up at Environment Canada and they sent the November weather in October and the October weather in November.

    Took me 10 yrs of active quitting to quit smoking. At times I was quitting every week on garbage day and knowing in my heart I wasn't going to succeed, but I believed then and I believe now that every attempt got me closer to ultimate success.

    I'm betting it works much the same way with food. All the power to ya, babe - I know how much work it can take to change comforting habits.

  7. Whatever we try to achieve in life, to stay on the right path each and every day is impossible. That's what makes us human. Put it behind you and carry on - you will succeed.

    It's incredibly mild in the UK this autumn (can't even bring myself to use the word winter - doesn't seem right). Very windy today but I walked back from school with no jacket (just a T-shirt and trousers) - quite bizarre.

  8. CambridgeLady, glad it is so nice there for you. We were really windy today too. but beautiful, plus 17, a record day. Thankyou for your support, I know I can be too hard on myself...own worst critic. Take care, I hope you have another beautiful day.

    Hi Tattytiara, welcome, we are from the same part of the world. Congratulations on quitting smoking, throwing them out on garbage day, I have done that with food too. made me chuckle.
    And that is the thing changing those comfortable thoughts. I visited your blog. Pretty funny girl. Glad to hear you like cows! lol

  9. Every minute is a new minute..each meal is a new meal..these things take time....and you are simply an amazing artist!

  10. Dreamwriter, thanks but I am a doodler working on becoming an artist....Just have taken it up again.your right every minute is a new minute.

  11. what a lovely journal you did Cinner. I'm sure your friend loved it. All I can say is just keep going. Just don't stop, one day at a time one meal at a time. Walking as it gets colder won't be easy but maybe you can walk at the mall or somewhere, we actually have gyms here that use the mall (shopping centre) we call them as their work out place. Early in the morning before the centre opens they all head out and walk around it and in it etc. funny ... But I know some ladies at Weight Watchers who go to the mall in the summer cause of the air con and walk up and down and all around. Good for them I reckon, a day at a time make it work. And be kind to yourself, we all blow it sometimes
    much love


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