Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I need to be edited,
delete this, add that,
so when I am feeling this way,
I usually dye my hair.
And I feel like a new woman!
I wonder what it would take for this house to feel new again.
Probably just some tender loving care.


  1. It already looks cosy but you are right, it does need some TLC......:-) Hugs


    I would add both lo-lites and hi-lites to your hair!! :-)
    The house? Accessorize!!

    Love to you


    My B P is pe4rfectly normal again - Praise the Lord.

  3. I've stopped tinting my hair . . to hell with it, but my home, I'm always renewing and updating. Love the way you say things though . . edit . . lol!!!

  4. I hear you on the hair color.... and hair in general. My hair's long and not colored-- yet. Dec. 5 I'm cutting it all off and changing colors! It's time for a BIG change.


  5. For the first time, I've highlighted my hair.
    I found out that it does look better....BUT...I have to keep having it done again...and again.
    I love old houses....this one is no exception.

  6. Thanks for dropping in Jackie, so nice to be able to see your blog, I AM coming back when I can catch up on more. Be well.

    Joanna, I did not get it done but that is my mission for the day. harder when you do it yourself. Let me know how you make out, probably easier to do for you too.

    Gloria, I just keep moving things from room to room and work with the same, but it is amazing how differemt I can make it look. My Mother in Law comes by and says, oh you have been out shopping again. not a chance. However I could shop for paint every day of the week. If I had more energy. i would be editing here too. lol.Thanks for poppin by.

    Gail, I am so happy that your bp is normal again. that is a good sign, is there anything you have been doing differently. I am glad for you and yes Praise the Lord.

    Bernit, it could be cosy but yes TLC, GLAD you are enjoying your work with the patients. I think that is wonderful for you and them. Take care. Have a good Friday, supposed to be snow for you and I on Saturday. Be well.

  7. It's funny how you can actually have a literal craving for a new hairstyle, isn't it? But you can, you definitely can!


    Happy Saturday. I really believe that lowering my salt intake considerably has helped my B P, also, I am so aware of fat content so I am eating much, much less. And increasing my water intake too. I also think my Wll exercise routines helps AND my doc added a small dosage of a 'water pill'. only 12.5 mg. And of course a glass of wine now and then :-)

    Love you girl

  9. The Crap Blog Detective, Hi, actually I am doing both. Thanks for stopping by.

    Gail good for you, it sure sounds like you are doing everything right. Keep up the great job! We had snow here today so I did some shovelling. It took me a long time but it sure felt good in the crisp air. Take care, love you too.

  10. Tattytiara, Oh yes I crave to change my color thats for sure, I think even more than bread, and that says alot. Take care and have a great weekend.

  11. Serious points for handling a troll so gracefully Cinner

  12. Why Thankyou J.S. I thought the same thing. Take care. Love you, Thankyou for our visit on the weekend.


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