Saturday, November 14, 2009

Journalling of Food.....A little Sidetracked Because of Toni!

Remember when I said I was working on a project, well here are some of the pages I did for a journal I was making for a wonderful woman named Toni. I met her through blogland and when my father passed away she sent me a beautiful, beautiful letter. I hardly knew her at this point..but what a wonderful soul, so I have been working on this for awhile and she just recieved it. I think she loved it.

She has taken a hiatus from blogging and has decided to focus on her writing, in one email she said how much she loved her yellow lace curtains. So here she is reading and reading and reading. Look at her little plac on the wall World Famous Author....I would not be the least surprised.

This one is one of my favorite. When she was visiting in England, she told about walking down a path and there being sheep and just a wonderful day. I also made a page that had socks with names of the week on them because the fellow Toni and her Mom stayed with wore socks Monday for Monday, Tuesday for Tuesday, etc....and be darned if he did not send her her own pairs....I think she should have a shoeless Sunday in there. It turns out there are many little pages in this book so she can do some writing in them.

My favorite one is this one, after a long hard day she is soaking in the tub, look at those cute little feet, The weight of me, was the name of her writing blog, she has been busy with work, and doing something about a green frog journal book.

She wrote me an email and said she could not put into words right now I touched she was. I was thrilled.
The reason I showed you was that a few of you had asked what I had been working on, so now you know.
Now I can get to my painting, or whatever is next in my adventures.
Note to self get back to journalling your food, and that is what I will do for sure tomorrow.
Remember people will touch our hearts in ways we never thought possible,it surely
is a wonderful world!


  1. wow Cinner!
    That is the kind of thing that makes your blog so much fun!


    This "project" - "gift" honors what a truly loving-intimate-gift' is - wow. Good stuff! :-)

    Love you and Happy Sunday-

  3. Thanks Anne, yes you never know what you could find here. I definately don't have a theme. Take care.

    Gail, I had fun doing it. It did take me quite a bit of time. there was about 100 pages. I am just glad she got it! haave a great day. love you too.

  4. Are you the best, or what?! Some time ago you asked me to email you my mailing address. Did you receive the email?

  5. Holly, I did get it and I just put something in the mail for you on Thursday...just some little thing, so a Happy Day Gift is on its way. shhhh....I was not supposed to tell you. Hugs my friend.

  6. What a wonderful and kind idea - you are so creative :o)

  7. WOW! What an amazing and heart-felt gift Cinner. Just another example of how special you are.

    You rock!

  8. I LOVE IT! YOu are an amazing artist!

  9. Dreamwriter, you are too kind, I loved making it for her.take care.

    Joanna, mean the world to me.

    Cambridge Lady, I have the time to be creative, I am lucky....I need a craft room...maybe the porch. lol. Take care.

  10. You are wonderful. I hope you know that.

  11. Unknown Mami, thanks for saying that, I did need to hear that tonight. Your kind to say that. I will be by tomorrow to see how your comment thing is going. Be well.


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