Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News or Bad News?

So today was the first day at taking the next step in my life to get healthy!
First of all it is very important that people know the difference between north and south.
Especially when they are giving the instead of going to the  weight loss community services.
I just about ended up in a facility for extended care patients.
Thank Gosh my husband was there to get me where I needed to go.
So today was pretty much what I thought it would be
I have to commit to going for two years and your weight is monitored, etc.
Now it is not the weight loss clinic, but it is a steady seeing how weight affects you as you age!
There was about twelve pages of questionaires that I had to answer, and I have decided this.
I think there is the assumption that if you are overweight that there is no evidence of self esteem.
No I don't hide in my house, no I am not scared to meet people, and on and on it went.
So I have come out of it with this thought!
I had always worked until I got sick, I was highly social as well!
I did not get sick because I was overweight, but because I have been so stagnate,
I have gained weight! The hidden reason is simple!
Having my illness has limited me so that I am more prone to gaining weight and because of that I want a healthier life!
No I am not depressed, no I don't hate myself!. I look in the mirror and know that I am an intelligent woman who likes food and carries around the extra weight of a small person! I don't hate her or me! In fact I do like myself. Being diagnosed with an illness makes you appreciate all that life has to offer and for that reason alone I want to be healthier!
I suppose they have to ask all these questions,  it makes me concerned for all the people that feel that are not socially acceptable,,,sure I know that feeling, but those opinions are usually coming from a person that I would not want or have in my world because of their belief system!
I have had children tell me I am fat. And I have responded why yes I am, God makes people in all shapes and sizes, isn't it wonderful. And with that I usually get a hug and off they go to p.lay.
I will not be one of these people that says, yes I am isn't it awful!
What is awful is if I lost a leg to diabetes, or if I had a heart attack, or that I would have an early death.
So on a much lighter note I have lost an inch and a half, tis true,
In my height! uh huh in my height, so at age 46 I am getting shorter.
I believe by the time I am sixty I will be under 5 feet high!

The lovely lady I spoke to today asked me if I was on AISH(which is the disability term up here in Canada)
Now keep in mind she had a strong accent and she asks this question, and I reply yes I am thinking she has asked my age....My husband gave me the strangest look and I thought whats up with him. She then asked again and I said I am 46 and of course I raised my voice as obviously she was hard of hearing!My husband said Cindy she wants to know if your on AISH! Well lthis made me laugh and laugh and my head kept dropping because now I was having my Cataplexy spells and my husband was explaining what was happening. and the more he talked the more I seemed to laugh. Finally everything was fine and now I had to get my glasses on to finish filling out the paper, as I was getting my glasses I kept thinking she was the one with the hearing problem.  Anyway I made it home safe and sound, she explained how the whole thing would work, I can apparently book to take the workshops, there is no wait list for that so I will be able to get at this right away. I am game to figure out any problems or anything that will help me!
So this I know for sure, I am not on AISH, but I am 46, I am not five feet three, I am five feet 1 and a half and I am excited about this new process, the wait list to see a specialist is still a year, they asked how I felt about that. I said I knew it and was neutral, that I know about all the cutbacks and that they can only do what they can do!
So I am off to read a book, or draw, and remind myself I can only do what I can do!


  1. This made me smile and laugh, cinner.
    AISH.... I would have responded the same way...with the "why do you keep asking me?" look...I told you, I was 46. Too funny, my friend. I am cheering you on. Go girl! (Hugs and kisses to you sweet hubby for being your compass today as well as your interpreter)...
    Much love,

  2. my sister and i laugh because we have a difficult time with an eastern indian accent. i know how this feels. i'm so proud of you taking these steps - that is wonderful.

  3. You know cinner, sometimes there are no deep rooted problems why people are over weight except they love food and eat what they love. I know that is what keeps the extra pounds on me for sure, I am so happy you are attending these classes though cinner, it will be fun following you along your journey.....:-) Hugs

  4. You made me laugh!
    Good to laugh when one is turning in for the night!

    And I'm cheering for you too, like Jackie!

    Sweet dreams, Cinner!


  5. Margie, oh I am glad you had a laugh and thankyou, have a pleasant and peaceful sleep.

    Bernie, I am excited about this too. It makes me sad all the issues people must have though, especially after reading some of the questions, I thought hey! I am glad you are going to follow me on my journey. Hopefully we have a few laughs along the way! big hugs, glad you are feeling better,

    Thanks Char, she was so soft spoken and then a really strong accent...when she weighed me I said step away from the scale my friends, I thought she was going to die laughing, she said oh I never heard that before! Who knows maybe she had trouble understanding me too. I can just see your sister and you.Thankyou Char for being proud of me. I am too! My husband made me the best salad and had no treats for me, so maybe he learned something too. I am glad I met you in blogland that is for sure! Take care.

    Jackie, I think you and I could have had a great laugh today. My hubby made me the best salad with cheese and almonds, it was so good, and he told me that he was going to help as much as I was thrilled and I was glad he came with me. It was priceless to see his face when I kept saying 46, I think he thought I had finally lost my mind...LOL. This should be good for us.

  6. That was funny, Cinner!
    I'm glad you are well.
    I am really busy at work. This is the worst time of the year for Hospice.
    So I closed off my blog - who knows for how long....time and circumstance will tell.
    I still get email, though! :)

  7. I'm soooo proud of you for wanting to make some changes in order to live a more healthy life....we are all here to support you !!


    I laughed right out loud!! :-) And good for you for knowing that you are okay - that you like yourself and have NO deep rooted agenda. I often wonder where this ideal body image came from AND if one is in fact this so called ideal body image then they are problem free - well adjusted - happy - and sane!! What? I am glad you know your age for sure :-)

    Your sense of humor and honest approach will carry you through for sure. And you are shrinking? Huh. Amazing.
    We are headed for a drive north to Brattleboro Vermont - lunch, country stores, foliage etc!!

    Love to you my friend

  9. Hi Gail, I hope you have a great time, the country stores sound wonderful, Someday I want to visit all the fabulous places in the U.S.A.
    Enjoy my friend, have a great day.

    Thanks Beth, It should be an interesting adventure for sure. Be well.

    Hi Anne, I am glad to hear you are well...just a question, why would this be the worst time for hospice I wonder...If you come back to your blog I will be there for certain. I will email you. Just take care of you. I have to say I thought you were on a holiday again.Take care my friend!

  10. You sense of humor always come through for you, doesn't it, Cinner???? Now you are embarking on another adventure and hopefully you will be healthier when you finish.

  11. Like I said before ~I love your attitude! You are amazing for taking this leap into something new and exciting. I'm so glad and proud of you! I love it that you love yourself first!

  12. Wonderful step Cinner...yep you put a smile on my face...I was laughing with you. Proud of you my dear.

    Hugs Crista

  13. TechnoBabe, Humour is everything, if you can't laugh at yourself you might waste alot of time wondering why everyone else is....I am referring to me...NOT you. lol. I booked my first class for october 30 from 9- 1230..I am already worried about falling asleep! Lol.

    Cora, I was not always this way, After going through a divorce I learnt that my opinion of me was the one that mattered.

    Crista,thanks so much for all your kindness. I did have a good laugh about all this. Loved your photos today! Take care.

  14. You just gave my a huge belly laugh. Thank you!!!

  15. Unknown Mami, oh I am glad you enjoyed it, it was just a silly day from the start. Nothing like having a good laugh.


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