Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rhe Day Before Me!

Sometimes there is nothing like a good walk to make you feel alive and alert and somehow  almost reborn. Maybe it is the crisp morning air, when you can see your breath and feel the freshness as you breath, taking the fresh air into your lungs. I really like to walk at this time of the year, I don't like to walk when I am hot, because my legs swell and it seems quite hard for me! My sister in law is coming to pick me up today, and off to the dogpark we will probably go. It really is a wonderful place to meet people, and of course the dogs figure they have died and gone to heaven. So two things have changed since I had my appointment the other day. One is I am actually excited about doing this for me. I did take my husband and he has not brought in any treats for me since, Also there are 9 modules I have to take, the first one is booked for Oct 30. There will be about 40 people there,....instant panic attack. I know that sounds crazy, I always feel if I have a cataplexy spell that people will think I am drunk. One of the things that happens with my cataplexy is that you have complete loss of muscle tone and are aware of everything going on around you, you can hear but you can not respond so that is a fear for me. I have decided I am going to be dropped off and picked up, but that I am not taking anyone with me. I don't need a caregiver and I have to learn that if these things happen oh well.....and if it a really bad group....well maybe me pretending I am drunk will be just what they need to get the morning rolling. The other thing is if the person instructing that morning has a monotone voice well that could put me to sleep...however my best time of the day is from 930 until noon,,,so I really should be okay! Anyway I will deal with it all, on my other blog listed on the side there is a youtube gadget and if you type in Cataplexy there are some videos that will show up if you are interested in learning more, The best one is a middle aged man from I believe Britain. His account I believe is the most accurate! Anyway that is all folks, In the afternoon today I will have no cable, internet or phone as they are doing some repairs in the area...Sounds like a good day to get some rest and maybe do some painting or drawing, Once I have sent my project to my friend I will show you some of my drawings! For now take care, enjoy your day and Be well!


  1. Have a great day! I love to paint and draw, too...and it sounds like a wonderful way to spend the afernoon without cable, internet or phone. Take care of you, my friend.

  2. Your day sounds wonderful and good luck tomorrow...I love your attitude.....:-) Hugs

  3. Teachers Pet, it was nice and quiet, no interruptions. Take care Jackie, I think of you often.

    Thanks Bernie, Take care, Be well.


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