Monday, September 7, 2009

What. ? that is not a treat!

This is one of my favorite pictures of all times. This nephew as most children love their junk food and we found him with this big bowl of nachos. As you can tell he was quite the fellow, the more he knew we had busted him so to speak, the more and more he laughs. It is funny with some children they are so against fruit and vegetables. My godchild from next door, she used to come over and always ask if she could have a cookie or a treat. Anything to make you happy my child,,,Then one day she came over and asked if she could have a treat, sure what would you like, a cookie? No she replied, I have to eat healthy snacks when I come here. okay what would she like, well she had an apple, a bunch of carrots, some juice, and she told me all about eating healthy so she grows up big and strong. Her dad is a fitness fanatic and she will be living a healthy lifestyle too. I learnt a lesson from my Godchild Faith, A treat does not have to be cookies, or cake, or pie, I had just never thought of a treat as vegetables and fruit....So when I have a treat, it will be a healthy one...maybe I will treat myself to a walk today, treat myself to a big healthy picture of water with lemons and cucumber that I have named the Joanna drink..who knows it could take off in Canada. I am going to treat myself all day, and I hope I can laugh as much as my nephew in the picture. Take care all, Hope you are doing well. Attitude is everything.


  1. Smart little girl is Faith....we all could learn from her, I know I have.
    Love the picture of your nephew, he looks so happy and contented.
    Enjoy your walk and your water today my friend....:-) Hugs

  2. She is a smart little girl..I know I did, He is such a happy boy.and he is so ticklish and the more tired he gets the more he giggles. He is turning into a nice youmg man. Enjoy your day too. Hugs back. WE seem to be on about the same time in the evening.

  3. HI CINNER -

    I love he "happy picture". :-)

    ANd ya, treats!! I guess it is about changing what the word means. I like all your great idea for treats. Enjoy.

    Love Gail

  4. Treating yourself sounds like a great idea! And your little Faith is a very smart girl :-)

    Have a great day.

    Cheers (clinking big glasses of water ;-)


  5. O Joanna she is a very smart little girl, I think she has me wrapped around her finger. Lots of water today. Cheers right back at. take care.

    Gail thats what it is changing your idea, I have a list of treats that would make our heads spin. lol. poof there gone...maybe in a blue moon. take care.Take care. be well.

  6. Doritos are my favorite! They are SO good!


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