Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dreaming about food!

I was in bed by nine p.m. as I had quite a hectic day finding my runaway dog. Mission accomplished. yeah I was thrilled...so what does that have to do with my weight loss blog other than when he ran away I was a mess and reverted right back to old ways...I Guess I was searching for comfort food....but I stopped rather than have a full out binge...so that was good...Tonight fast asleep I thought for the night. I dreamt I was sleeping in my bed aand a deep loud voice said, "You must have 5 scoops of icecream, and then I heard it again, and once more....by this time I was now coming out of my sleep and I swear if there were a dairy queen in the near vacinity, I prbably would have went by horseback,,,,instead with some sanity and dignity left I sat down on the couch for a moment and thought....Are you hungry...no, Why were you dreaming about ice cream,,,,no idea.... oother than I have always put summer and ice cream together....that's all i have figured out! Anyway these little fellas had thier ice cream when we took a road trip, as then I had water and tonight I had a huge glass of water in case I was just a little bit hungry.
Now I am back to bed......tomorrow you get to see all my lovely excercise stuff, I will have to dust and find everything....note to self....use what I have. I hope you have a great day and make some very great choices. Take care.


  1. So happy your dog is home safe and sound. If I ever had a dream of food I am sure it would be ice cream....I love it!
    Hope you are now back to sleep...have a wonderful Wednesday.......:-) Hugs

  2. You too Bernie, you like ice cream too, my favorite is a place in Saskatoon called Homesteaders....make good choices and have a great day Bernie. Big Hug. Take care.

  3. HI Cinner-
    Sooooooooo happy you found your dog. ANd the dream? Wow! And also dreams are about unresolved stuff so it makes sense as you define your new way of eating, etc. that you would dream about food. Ice cream is as good as it gets!! :-)

    Love Gail

  4. Thanks Gail, I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy too. And he is so exhausted, he has been limping around, he has arthritis, poor fella,,,maybe someday you and I can have an ice cream together. Take care my friend. Hugs.

  5. Thank God you found your dog.
    Dreaming of food!? No, I don't think I ever dreamed about that.

  6. Rafael, I don't think I ever have dreamt about it before...I think I have a craving for some chocolate. Take care.

  7. That is one crazy dream! Thank gawd your horse wasn't at home :-)

    And I am so glad your dog is back! Yikes.

    Keep up the good wrok.

  8. Thanks Joanna, your a doll. I am so glad my dog is home, he is still exhausted, so must of had a great time. Be well.


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