Sunday, September 6, 2009

A lapse in judgement.

Hello, Well I have good news and bad news. First of all I got all the results back from my tests and everything was perfect as far as no diabetes, all cholestoral levels were in check. Everything was great except for the cataplexy, but we are doing everything we can do...So that was my good news...the above picture just looks like a bunch of lemons, today I have to turn it into this I mean I had a weekend of being offtrack with my sister. We went for Vietnamese, popcorn and pop at the theatre, did not eat on time.. It was later at night that we ate. We were busier, she helped me do a few things around the house. She definately notices how tired I am, but the more I laugh the worse I get. It is a new day and back on track, and beacause the weather is cooler I am committing to walking every day. I found a bunch of videos on youtube the other day about cataplexy. so if you want a better understanding, the older gentleman from the uk seems to portray it as well as I have known it to be. HAVE A GREAT DAY! Remember love yourself, be kind and understanding, don't beat yourself up about things! Just get back on track and have your best day!


  1. HI CINNER -

    Good news indeed about your levels and NO diabetes. :-) As far as the cataplexy? Celebrate all your freedoms and manage your limits - balance, balance....,balance....

    Love Gail

  2. Great news on the tests!
    Pass the lemonade please :-)

  3. Great news, so now you can just focus on that horrible cataplexy and I know you can do this. So happy you are going back to walking. Stay healthy my friend....:-) Hugs

  4. great news about the tests; I always say/think that the occasional visits from our relatives or the occasional celebrations of birthdays, holidays, etc were not what made us overweight, so we have to enjoy the celebrations as best we can and then get back on plan afterwards, which I know you will do


  5. Thanks Betty for your support, we had a great visit and I was sleeping when she left today. She snuck out, said she thought she had played me out. It was much needed girl time for us. Back to better eating today. I hope you are well. Big Hug.

    Bernie, thankyou, I was thrilled about my tests, so doing everything I can do to do my part. Better eating today. Big hug my friend.

    Joanna, I would love to sit and have lemonade with you, and the occasional glass of water. lol. Big Hug.

    Gail, thankyou. I always worry about diabetes because it runs rampant in our family on both sides. So I was very, very happy. Take care. Hope you are well.


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