Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Out For a Walk!

Would this be a fabulous place to walk everyday? I would love it! I have to say that I am a dog lover, in our neighborhood almost every house has a dog or two! No big deal unless they are lunging at their fence trying to have you for breakfast There is one young fellow in his early thirties and he has 3 rotweilers. He can hardly control them. I kid you not picture the dogs on their leashes and he is running behind almost on his tiptoes, he pulls on the leashes that he has wrapped around his hand and I swear they go faster, A twig snaps, yes under my foot, they stop and I am thinking show no sign of fear, no sign of fear, and they come barrelling down the street, uh hu they are coming, should I run. Then I thought, theres no way I could outrun a turtle, let alone a pack of killer dogs! As they got to me I put out my hand and they about knocked me down with all their affection. Lord I am just out for a walk. And the guy says, "SSSORRREE ABOUT MMMMMY DDDOGS." Now I want to say I am not making fun of anyone that stutters, I know how serious of an issue it can be, anyway for whatever reason I knew I was gonna start laughing, thinking to myself, your sorry about the dogs, I am sorry about them too. And down to the ground I go, losing all muscle control due to my cataplexy. The man is leaning over my face and is saying," aaaaree you oookay?" I could not respond, one of the dogs was licking my face, now trust me thats a picture, have you ever looked up the snout of a rotweiler as this big long tongue licks my face. Finally I was able to get up with a bruised elbow, a wet face, no dignity left whatsoever to tell him that yes I was fine! I was thinking to myself, "Please don't say anything or I will fall down again!" Luckily all went well, and I was able to make it home safe and sound, I put the key in my door and my neighbor from next door yells, "Howdy Neighbor, and yes you guessed it, Down I tumble off my 3 steps because this time I was startled! My neighbor came running over, waited a couple minutes and then helped me off the ground. I quickly sat in a chair in my yard, trust me I have them scattered all over in every little nook or cranny. He says Cinner I am so sorry I did not mean for you to have one of your spells, r u ok. OH yes I am okay, just trying to get in the house, then I told him what had happened earlier and he says, you must be overtired. I looked at him and said, 'YOU Think? I knew I must be because they are only bad like that when I am, otherwise due to medications my head just slumps forward. Anyway I finally get into my house and I am alone. Safe and sound, and off to bed for a much needed rest. ....The moral of my story is that sometimes I have the best of intentions to do things, like exercise, I could have really hurt myself badly tumbling off the stairs, but I can't live my life on what ifs, so I have a rest and tried again later...All was well. The above is a true story, living my life with cataplexy. ...Tomorrow I am getting all my exercise stuff up and start doing something in the house. Small steps I guess! I had said I would post a picture of all of it today, but I was a little wore out!....P.S. Be aware of a little man with 3 rottweilers and a noisy neighbor! Goodnight! Mote to self...keep seeing the humour in all this! note to self...It really is no laughing matter...Note to self....Whatever! Tomorrow is another day.


  1. It's good you see things with at least a little snicker or a shrug.
    What else can ya do sometimes, eh?

    Once I was "walking" out and about with a little girl in a wheelchair. Up came a Great Dane! Came at us about 100 mph. So I punched him in the jaw! *sorry, doggie!*
    The little girl was so startled that she went into this extension pattern - arms and legs straight out - it lasted all day for her...we giggled all day about that.
    People still ask if I've punched any doggies lately!

  2. omg, well you just don't know for sure if they are viscious or not. have a great vacation. lucky you although I am sure it is richly deseved. I will remember that about you and dogs if you ever come visit. I just imagined you hitting them.. omg.

  3. So look....

    I read about you and what you deal with every day. And, I think to myself, okay, if Cinner is attempting to improve her life despite the things that could hold her back, what is your excuse.

    And, I've run out of them. So, I will exercise today and I will dance my 20 minutes. And I WILL get better right along with you.

    I know it's not what you want to do, but you are now my Hero!

  4. Good God No!
    I am not a dog hitter- something was lost in the translation.
    The point is rather, I heroically defended a helpless little quadriplegic baby in a wheelchair---from an attacking Great Dane!

    I love dogs and cats! I rescue them!

    Please forgive me if *and sense* I obviously did say something offensive when there was no problem to start with.

  5. Anne, not to worry , I knew exactly what you meant. I was joking. Lets see Hospice woman beating up dogs. Not a chance. You saved the child! I must of had my wording wrong. forgive me. I just reread my comment. There should have been a lol in there. Big Hug and a sorry too.

    Holly, there were a bunch of cataplexy things on you tube I watched the other day...But Holly I am not a hero, I would never complain if I were. I will visualize you dancing my friend. Have a great day.

  6. Anne, you don't have a mean bone in your body, you saved the girl. If a scary dog is coming at me, I would protect myself too! I hope you read this and know I never meant to offend you.

  7. Hi Cinner-

    Wow - quite an adventure you had. I did chuckle a bit over you describing the three rottweilers and the guy stuttering and trying to help you. I know it is not funny but it is a litle bit. :-) I am so glad you are okay.

    And your neighbor, well intended, and down you og. Oh my. I applaud your courage to forge on and keep exercising. DO you have the "WII"? I use t and love the exercise value. My sister gave me the WII-Fit", which is for balance - and which I am a total clutz on. :-)
    Anyway, keep on keeping on.....

    Love Gail

  8. oh my, what an adventure with you and the 3 rotweilers! makes you wonder why the guy has 3 dogs if he can't control them. after Koda (my dog) got attacked by a boxer one time, I now carry a walking stick when we walk and I hope I never have to use it......

    good for you, though for trying to get out and "move that body" of yours :)


  9. Betty, thanks, I do understand why you wear carry a walking stick...just in walk this am was an easy one.Hugs

    Gail, I heard it is supposed to be really good, Hopefully I will own it one day. Big Hug

  10. I love dogs but I am frightened of those and pit bulls, I would of had a heart attack. Sorry about your fall, I hope all is well now my friend....I love how you get up and keep going, wonderful attitude.....:-) Hugs

  11. Dog Lovers Unite!
    I just didn't want to leave off today without a little doggie closure!

  12. Anne have a great holiday wherever your off to. and a much needed rest. Be here when you get back. YES doglovers unite!

    Bernie, yes I am not a big fan of those two breeds, however I think alot stems from the owners. It sickens me to see what happens to some animals. Bernie, I have to keep going, I have to laugh at how ridiculous this condition is...I know someone who has no sense of humour, that person would never have found out they even had it. LOL.


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