Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oranges and Exercise!

You know I love the scent of oranges, those spray air fresheners, orange zest. I find it so rejevenating. The last couple of days I have been spraying it in my house and I have started exercising, other than walking. I have got all my exercise equipment together, here is my list, stair stepper,bicycle not stationary, a spinner that you stand on and twist from side to side, a know the one you hook it on the door and it has pulleys. another thing you put your feet on and it works on a spring sytem, then I use bunge cords for other exercises, weights, tai chi dvds and about 10 other tapes for various parts of the body, one of which is Sweatin to the Oldies with Richard Simmons which is not half bad! So you know what my problem is with all this stuff, they don't work by themselves!LOL, now that is definately the wrong attitude isn't it. Yesterday I started easy and have made a committment that for right now every second day I will exercise, but continue to walk every day.Maybe that will help boost my metabolism. So that is what I have been up to. Drinking lots of water and trying to stay on track with my eating. I do have my moments, went and got fruits and vegetables for the fridge. When I run out then how quickly I can get back to the bread Old Habits are simply hard to shake. I hope you all have a great weekend. Heres to our health!


  1. Walking is nice, but staying close by the house is also good!
    Start easy - going too fast, too soon is a mistake alot of people make.
    But you knew that!
    What a nice one you are, cinner!

  2. How is your holiday going or are you not telling till you get back. Have fun. your the nice one Anne. Take care. Thanks for the advice, yeah I have been known to overdo it and then quit,,,remember I am now the tortoise. lol

  3. good for you to be disciplined....that's where I fail miserably.....

  4. Turtles AND dog lovers unite :)
    I am home from vacation. But taking a "blog break."
    It is my MIND that needs adjusting - not my body per se-
    I am actually quite well and "in a good spot" right now.

    Guess what word just came up for the comment verification?
    *witch* I kid you not!

  5. Hi Cinner and Happy Saturday-

    All that exercise equipment sounds scary!!! :-) I have a routine I do, almost every day for toning and strengthening and another one I do for balance - plus I use the Wii-Fit for balance and more but mostly I jut use myself. And I have the Richard Simmons 'Sweatin to the oldies" and it is great!!
    Have a loving weekend.

    Love Gail

  6. Holy Crow Cinner! I will come play with you as you have a lot of toys! YAY!!!

  7. Great idea, walk some every day and exercise every second day.....just a wonderful way to keep yourself motiviated without burning out. Just think how much better you will feel, I am so excited for you.......:-) Hugs

  8. Just keep moving!!! You're doing GREAT!
    Have a fun weekend.

  9. agree with you to start out "slow" so to speak, making a commitment to walk daily and do another form of exercise every other day, and then as you build up muscles and stamina and endurance, then increase it as you can; you are doing great!


  10. Hi Cinner. I just found your blog and will follow you. I am on a journey to better health and understand some of how you feel about the exercise. I am walking 30 minutes daily (inside my house) and today I started doing Sweatin to the Oldies Vol 2. It was great. I only did 2 and a half songs, then I gave out. I like your little feed the fish thing.
    Oh yeah, I have never heard of cataplexy. I had to look it up. Is there any treatment?

  11. MissyM..Welcome, great to have you on board. slowly but surely we can all reach our goals. Good for you for walking 30 minutes a day. I have to say I am a pretty slow walker, but I will get there again. As far as the cataplexy it is somewhat controlled by medication. At its very worst I could not stand up without falling down and not be able to move, then get back up and down I would go again, to the point I had to have someone stay with me. Now I can be alone, everything depends on if I get tired. There are alot of naps throughout the day, sticking to a schedule works the best and i can carry on at my home. Not so bad compared to what illnesses others have. Sorry I can ramble on and on, that is a sign I might need a nap. So again, glad you have joined us and good luck to you with your journey to better health. Yeah!

  12. Betty, thanks I am the slow turtle today, but slow and steady. Hope you have a great weekend. Our weather here is beautiful. Enjoy.

    JoAnna, I hope your having a great weekend, I am moving A little slower than yesterday. I may have done too much..Heres to moving and groovin.

    Thanks Bernie, today I saw a girlfriend and she said that I looked like I was losing weight. Always good to hear, I don't know why I can't see it myself, but I can feel it in my clothes, Be well my friend, I hope you got out for another drive in this beautiful weather. Be well.

    Holly, it would be great if you could come play, there is a park only two blocks away, so we could sit on the swings and be big kids! love ya, c

    Gail, when I get some money I am going to buy a wii fit, maybe Santa will bring it for christmas. It's my balance later in the day that concerns me. Is your balance worse in the evening? Probably depends on what we do in the day. Big Hug to you. Until next week.

    Anne, that is too funny! Glad your having a vacation, nice to clear our heads sometimes! Have fun!

    Beth, just lately I am disciplined, if I got to 300 lbs, No discipline there...But it is getting better.Thanks Beth, I think your disciplined with all the scouting around and adventuring you do. Would love to do that too. Someday! Take care!


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