Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keep Moving!

Oh ho Moving on a Sunny Afternoon! Thats what ticking in my brain at 503 this am. My plan is to go for a nice walk and take some photos for the Group Blog I joined called Lens Us Together. So far I have learnt so much. I originally had said no that I just have a little point and shoot camera, but I have found it is more about friendship, sharing and learning about other places. I am loving it. Each week a new theme is picked and you submit a picture about that them. Lots of fun and I can go with my husband to see what I cam come up with today. So that will be my moving today, as long a walk as I can do. Sometimes the heat gets to me, but I promised to do some exercise daily, so I am gonna be moving, going on a walkabout in the city. I will let you know what I find, Enjoy your day, do something fun, keep smiling, keep positive and just keep moving. I see us meeting our goal just over the horizon. Take care! Live and Be Well.


  1. at the airport, there was this automatic door that kept saying:
    please move forward. please move forward. please move forward.
    please move forward. please move forward. please move forward.
    cinner, I think it was trying to tell me something, eh!?

  2. Oh that does sound like fun...I may have to check it out, too! Hugs!!!!!

  3. Hi Cinner : ) I saw your blog link and Maggie May's I think and your name was so compelling I had to come over and say hi : ) I hope you have a great walk today and I hope you snap some lovely pictures. Taking pictures is one of my favorite things : ) LOVE it.

  4. sounds like a fun lens group; those are great to participate in because you do get to check out so many interesting things plus develop great friendships :)

    sounds like you have a wonderful day planned :)


  5. Your day sounds wonderful, am looking forward to seeing what you found on this great walk about with your husband......:-) Hugs

  6. Sounds like a terrific Sunday! ENJOY

  7. Thanks Joanna, you to darlin enjoy your day.

    Bernie, did not get as much done, the heat kinda did me inn, I will tell you all about it.Hugs my friend.

    Betty, yes I am enjoying it for sure, my wonderful day part of it was put on hold, healthwise I did not have the best day. But I did do alot of drawing. Thanks, take care my friend.

    Life with kaishon, welcome I am glad you stopped by , my other blog is my main one, you have some extremely beautiful photos on your blog. I stopped by and had a quick visit, I will be back when I have a little more time. Take care for now. nice to meet you.

    Holly, I am really enjoying it, some of the photos are fabulous, they talk about lighting and compilation...all foreign to me...but I am learning stuff from them and their are other Canadians. as well as Char, Beth, Christina! hope you are well and thats very nice what you said. same back at you girl.

    Anne that is too funny, over and over, it must have been a sign! Too funny! take care.


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