Monday, September 14, 2009

Not My Cup of Tea!

One thing I have learned is that when I am exercising I would rather be outside, walking than being in a gym..Being at a gym is like taking a diabetic to a desert factory, Maybe not the best analagy,,,but for a moment think from my point of view. My first day at a gym was oh about 7 years ago, about a year before I got sick. I walk in and everyone is buffed, wearing the latest, greatest workout clothes, nails done to the nines, one little girl was even in this cute little white lace getup. So far so good, my big oversized tshirt and big baggy sweats will fit in just fine!Oh gee that girl that just went by and checked me out maybe she wants to know where I get my clothes!...note to self....she thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. So anyway I meet a young beebopper who must be up on some kind of caffeine pills or something and shes like Hi, welcome, your going to love it, I will show you the machines. No problem, I was doing okay until she wanted me to bend down and touch my toes, so I bend, where the heck are my toes anyway...I don't think I have seen them for two years, but sure if she wants me to look for them, no problem...okay next section. So I assumed I found them right, would'nt you? The next one was some sort of pulley system, apparently you are not supposed to pull your hands quickly off the pulleys, the nasty glare I recieved from one of the other guests indicated that she did not like the rushing breeze that it made as it passed by her, thank god she was just a short little thing I could have put in my pocket. So I was read the riot act about the machine. Sure so far so good I am thinking, nothing like feeling like a duck out of water. So now I am on a stationary bike, no problem I can do this I said to problem the first two minutes and then the steeper and harder I had to push those pedals. Great it had some road, oh look if you turn this way, oh screech, sorry teacher, I won't do that again...Why the heck would a yellow light light up if you ran off the road. Everyone looked, apparently I must have been looking pretty sexy especially with the lovely red face tomatoe I had going on to go with every thing else. I was so so glad to be here. Then I hear, she is pretty big hey...No they could not being saying that about me...OK the pointing finger was a give away, so i just pointed right back and said, So how big were you before you started? I'd keep it up you should start seeing results in no time, and I winked at her! I don't know why but they did not want to be my friends after that! So as I am biking I thought to myself that they should welcome bigger people in if we are trying to get into shape, But apparently you were supposed to be in shape before you got into the place so you would fit in and look good in those tights and that piece of dental floss they were wearing over top. Gosh how did there mothers even let them out like that....Oh here comes my leader...She had to help me off the bike, told me great job! and that she would like to see me in 2 days...oh well I would just be jumping up out of bed for that one I thought to myself! I did go for 3 weeks and then I became ill falling over with what I know now is my cataplexy....My point behind this story is try and find an exercise you enjoy, it will be much easier. Also life is much easier if you keep a sense of humour about yourself. Don't worry about what others say or do, because your doing it for you! I hope you had a laugh today when you read this! Keep moving and keep up with the water,water,water.


  1. HI CINNER -

    Great, great sotry, I laughed right out loud. ANd I too had a similar experienc at a gym - the hi-lite? I bought purple stretch leggins and a baggy green T-shirt - my favorite colors. While at the gym, trying to be all exercisey, this group of young girls, in thong leotards,all with perky breasts and bouncy pony tails with schrunchies to match their porn star outfits said I looked like "BARNEY" I left and never went back.
    So I truly enjoyed your story. And so be why I exercise in the privacy of my home, yard, and private paths. Amen.

    Happy Monday

    Love you

  2. what a shame you went through an experience like that in an attempt to try to be healty; sad that they couldn't see your efforts to try to get fit and instead ridiculed you

    I agree with finding the right type of work out that matches your interests and abilities and it should be somewhat fun or one will tire of it quickly

    we work out at our local gym at the ungodly hour of 5 o'clock in the morning; most of the people there are the die-hards that get up and going before work and they are a mixture of abilities, health, weight, etc. there's a sense of friendship among us and I hope to think we do welcome all that come in kindly


  3. Betty, good for you for being so dedicated, and you know I did get to know one lady, she was so toned etc, Apparently when she first started she had been about my size. She was what kept me going back, now because of my muscles having gotten weak due to my illness, it would be hard for me to get there now, I will go back and I think my attitude is better now, that I would not have been so sensitive. Betty you have shown me nothing but kindness since I have had the pleasure of meeting you! There are the good and bad everywhere. Have a great day, maybe someday I will be up at 5, I would love that!

    Gail, the barney suit, yah I have been there! I am glad you had a good laugh, that is how I meant it because to me it was very unsettling everytime I walked in, maybe someday I will give it another try, but for now being active at home is a good start. Take care. Hugs.

  4. Oh yeah, I've been to gym's like that... for about five seconds. I really hated the whole experience. I stick to myself now and do the best I can without all the attitude from skinny gym rats.

  5. Cinner, I laughed all the while I was reading your gym funny. It is true though even when I go they look at me as if I were huge.....they are all so tiny and if I were that tiny I wouldn't spend my time in the gym, can't figure out why they even go there.
    No matter how you exercise or where as long as you are enjoying yourself and getting healthy at the same time then go for it sweetie...Hugs

  6. That is funny. I dont go to gyms. I dont like them that much. I just did a few Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies....that is a lot more my pace.Plus, if you exercise at home nobody calls you Barney....that was downright mean. I am thinking that by the first of next month I will be able to start walking outside.

  7. I have a similar experience every time I go to the gym. These 85 lb. women prance around and talk on their cell phones while jogging on the treadmill and don't break a sweat...I'm dripping with sweat and can't breathe after 5 minutes...

    The trainers were encouraging me to go to yoga and pilates classes-I can't touch my toes either, and all those skinny girls can bend themselves into pretzels with no effort!

  8. A Nurses Curses, just once in my lifetime I would like to sit crosslegged in the yoga stance, but with my luck my legs would be stuck. How r u making out in your new home. Big Hug!

    Missy M, yes the Barney thing was mean, poor Gail. I don't go to gyms because of the money and I can't drive anymore and the list could go on and on! Good for you for doing Sweatin to the Oldies today! yeah! This am I had lots of energy, walked the dogs, went farther than I have in six years! Had to find a couple of benches for rest periods, but I made it. So good luck. one small step at a time. Have a great evening.

  9. Oh Cinner you remind me of myself! 7 years ago hubby and I joined a gym. Hubby is tall and lean like yours. Anyhow. Hubby wanted us to go every day and we did. Most of the people there were actually sitting on the machines and flirting instead of exercising. Needless to say I felt like a duck out of water. We paid upfront for one year but after two months we got so bored we stopped bothering. So what you say here is oh so true. If you don't find something that you like you won't keep at it!


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