Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Bounce IN MY Step

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and for the first morning in awhile, I actually awoke with some energy, which darlins when it is here I am one to take advantage of it. We quickly got ready and as soon as I pulled out my runners, both dogs started going balistic! Total chaos ensued for about 5 minutes, then off we went for about an 8 to 9 block walk.....now picture me doing the happy dance. I have not been able to walk that far for over 6 years now. I had to rest about 3 times on the way. I found a bench to rest on and all in all I was very happy. It is good to see progress being made. I took this picture during one of our rest stops. So they dropped me off and I sat outside and Wain and the dogs took off for a run. The dogs know when I am with them that it is a much slower pace, so you could see the pleasure as soon as they realized I was staying! After that we went for a nice long drive and then I had a nap. Wain went off to see about the extended warranty for out truck. Nothing was covered...We were not surprised. And tonight was a quiet evening, the night was very still so we just relaxed. It was a good day! I hope you all enjoy your day and have a sun shiny day filled with love and joy. Until tomorrow.


  1. You know I always try to read and keep current,
    even if I don't comment...you know this, cinner!

  2. oh yeah Anne,,,I know your there! I LOVE that.Besides who else is gonna keep their eye on me....Holly will.. theres a few who have really shown me support. Take care, aren't you supposed to be on a blogging break. Later.

  3. I've got it covered, Anne! Yep, Cinner I'm right here with you. And, I can't believe you made it that far! Liberation day, Sister!

    I like, very much, this picture of your loved ones. Mucho coolo.

    Keep moving along...I will do the same. We can do this Cinner, I know we can. Can't you feel it?!

  4. Hi Cinner -
    Love your dogs!! :-) Your ealk was delightful, stops and all. When I walk with my rollator I stop every five minutes and sit for a few minutes - I am just thrilled to be outside and moving and breathing deeply and seeing and feeling it all.
    I have my neurologist appt. at 2:45 today. Lots to go over and document for my disability. Then it's off to the grocery store and come home and grill something and have some wine. My husband Skipp is off from work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - so it is like 'our weekend'. :-)

    Have a beautiful day
    Love Gail

  5. good for you for getting to walk further!! you are making great progress!! before long you might not even have to rest as many times!! you go girl!


  6. Way to go cinner, you must be so pleased with your long walk....may you, your husband and your dogs enjoy many more. Isn't it wonderful that our weather is giving us such a beautiful Indian Summer.....love it....Hugs

  7. I'm doing a happy dance for you!!!!!! YEAH YOU!!!

  8. Thanks Joanna, I am dancing too. Hope you had a great day.

    Bernie, yes very pleased, I am so so thrilled with our weather, I think its the best all season. have fun. supposed to be nice until next week. Take care. Big hug.

    Betty, thanks I was pleased, very surprised, today was not as well but that is okay. At least I am making huge progress in my eyes.

    Gail you sound like me, starting and stopping, that is how I get through my day. I hope you have good news with the neurologist today, always appointments and more appointments, Enjoy the night with your husband, my husband used to have days off during the week. I loved it. Anytime we try to do anything on the weekend it is always so crowded. Take care my friend. Big Hugs!

    Hey Holly, can you believe this, it was major deal, today it is like my ship has sailed, tomorrow will be a good day. Hope you are well, think of you often.


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