Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And The Road Is Long

Sometime our goals seem very far away, just like the end of the road in this picture. If things came too easily it would deplenish the reward of achievement. Keep going, keep doing, It is ours for the taking! Let's have the very best of days.
My Rap Song
My days of sitting on the couch are over,
Gone are the days of looking for a 4 leaf clover,
Make a wish, make it disapear, let me have a smaller rear.
When I awake in the morning, let me be thin
please take away three of my chins,
Now Cin your looking for an easy way out,
you got to put good food in you car,
You gotta work and polish if you wanna get far.
There have been many times that I had to stay back.
You see it is energy I lack.
So I am tired of sitting and want to be doing,
I am drinking my water and I am up and I am moving!
Go Cin, Go cin, Go cin, Keep on groovin!
It is time to do the best you can, don't give up or throw the towel in.
You believe, you achieve, and slowly but slowly you will get closer to thin.
Being thin is not my goal, I want to live a healty lifestyle,
So it is clear to me I will be doing this for a long while.
GO cin, Go Cin, Go cin, Keep on groovin, Keep on moving!
note to self: no future Career as a Rap Artist
note to self: What was I thinking?



    Love it. And, you're feeling what I'm feeling. And for the pep talk to me this morning? Yeah, thanks because I needed it. Yes we can. Gurl, oh yes WE can!

  2. Anne, I never knew I had it in me. lol, yo!

    Holly, Oh I am glad I can help, Go Holly, Go Holly, we are going to make it work. Eat well my friend! Be well!

  3. Karen, I'm glad, take care my friend.

  4. Hi Cinner-

    Your enthusiasm will sustain me today.
    I did have a terrifying experience though, while there - my BP spiked, which can happen with M S and he, the doc, got very concerned and was going to send me to the ER, thank God my PCP was able to see me and Skipp drove me straight there - by the time I got there it was way down again. phew. but I need to go on an ACE inhibitor which prevents the "spike" is more complicated than that but thats the gist of it. so I am quite tired today and trying to accept/surrender and relax.................

    thanks for inspiring me - you are amazing and I need you.

    Love Gail

  5. love the song!!! I could picture you singing it with sunglasses on and the microphone right against your mouth like rappers sing; good words to stay motivated too on your weight loss journey

    I was checking out a blog this morning where this young mom had lost 70 pounds over the past year; oh my gosh the before and after pictures. I'll never wear a bikini again (too old, LOL) but she's young and it looks great on her; makes me want to continue on with healthy eating to at least look good in the clothes I have sitting in my closet that I somehow outgrew

    we'll do this!! we'll get healthy and thinner :)


  6. There is no end to your talent my friend, loved your rap song....very motivational for all of us.......:-) Hugs

  7. Yo Cin, you rock dawg! I'm feelin it.
    Great song!!!

  8. Hi Cinner, love the rap by the way. Thanks for dropping by my blog about Lucas and for the comment. A loss is a loss and the grief the same I am sure. I just checked out Cataplexy so sorry you have to deal with this. You are amazing in your effort to keep going, lose weight and stay happy. Keep up the great work.

  9. Kim Living Life, So glad you came by for a visit. I saw some cataplexy videos on youtube the other day. You can sort of get the idea there. I decided I had to do everything I could to be as healthy as I can. By to visit soon. bIG hUG.

    Joanna, I am glad your feeling it, I said it to my husband and I got the one eyebrow raised. I am sure he was not feeling it. Take care.xo

    Thanks Bernie, I am sure you got a rap song in ya too, to sing when your in that lovely car. Go Bernie, go Bernie! Big Hug!

    Betty, I have the same type of closet, been doing something to my clothes, I used to keep everything from a size 16 - 26, then I decided after buying Dr. Phils book a few years ago, to throw everything out that did not fit. I darn near froze over the winter. I think I will be okay this year. Lol, Some of the stories I see are amazing,,,but girl I am right there with you, no bikini on this bod. Take care, always appreciate your feedback. Keep up the goodwork. c

  10. Gail, I am so glad your okay, you are probably wore out today just from the experience! What a scare for you. So glad you have Skipp with you. My husband has been a rock that way too. You are right just surrender and relax. You said you need me and you made me cry, good tears though. I am not going anywhere, trust me we all need each other. Someday we are all gonna sit around the fire and listen to you and Skipp singing and playing. P.S. I will bring the are always in my thoughts my friend. Be well, big, big hug.

  11. Oh my Cinner - tears are flowing - good tears.

    I love the image of us all around the camp-fire and Skipp and I leading a sing-a-ong with all the villagers. :-)

    And because of you and your inspiration I have a bottle of water with me all the time now - trying to get up to filling it twice each day - and as I did my toning exercise today I thought of you and when I go for my walk later I am taking you with me.

    And ya, I was traumatized on Tuesday - I really was. I am better now. One day at a time.

    Love you my friend

  12. Keep on striving . I am right along with you on the weight loss journey me and me chins


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