Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What a very strange day today, it absolutely poured this evening, very dark, then the sun came out and it was still raining. My husband and I went out in the rain to see if we could spot a rainbow...none to be found, there is a slough in my back lane as there is a low spot there, I think the city will have to come fix it. It smelt so fresh outside, still sprinkling and all I have for color is this picture. I was very tired today, did too much yesterday! Now I feel refreshed after the rain!
Surprising what a little water can do for you. My dilema has been trying to drink 8 glasses a day, I am really starting to notice a difference. No troubles with swollen feet for almost 3 weeks, I think my skin even looks a little better, maybe its dark and I can't see well, but let's put it this way I feel better and always around 3 weeks is when I sabatoge myself...but not this time! I am going to be a no show just like the rainbow! Today was a good day!


  1. Way to go.....we all hit that brick wall and you seem to be prepared for it this time. I use to be addicted to pop, was never without it but when I had to quit drinking it due to diabetis it only took me about 3 weeks of drinking water and then it became a habit and I can honestly say I now love it and drink tons of it. I still remember how much better I felt when I switched to water. You too will get use to it, just keep it beside you all the time and when you notice take a sip. It really worked for me. Good luck my friend....Hugs

  2. Thanks Bernie, great idea, I feel like I am going to do just fine, I am noticing a bit in my clothes so something is happening unless the clothesfairy is coming in my closet at night. Lol. Have a great day.

  3. Hi CInner-

    I drink water a lot. I rarely have anything with sugar or sodium in it anymore. Although I certainly enjoy fine wines. :-) And today, after my dreaded MRI I plan on having a 'fruity drink' :-). If you get a chance to read my 100th post, it is a bit of a re-cap of a few hi-lites from my blog.
    There is so much for us to learn about one another - I love all that. :-)

    Love and peace

  4. Thanks Gail, I will try to read it tonight, if not tomorrow for sure. Take care, Have a drink for me.

  5. Those strange rainy days without any rainbows are quite common here.

  6. Rafael, I need to find a pot of gold at the bottom of one. LOL.

  7. I think yo'll be surprised at how, eventually, the water will be a plus in a lot more ways and that you won't find it such a chore to consume. It took me a couple of months but, beleive it or not, I no longer get up int he middle of the night to use the toilet! TMI? Sorry, but it's the opposite of what I thought it would be-- and now I sleep better. Who knew.

    Cheers to a big glass of H2O.


  8. You're right. Water is the best! I need to get back on track and drink more water instead of coffee. It does make a huge difference. I'll toast to water too! Karen xoxoxo


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