Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walk the Walk,...

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How does the saying go, if your going to talk the talk, then you gotta walk the walk. I don/t know why I have never enjoyed walking, Once I am out there, no problem,,,but man sometimes to make myself get out there is very hard. When I say I am tired, it means that I will be lucky sometimes to get across a room. Mornings are always best for me. After 1 it will not happen, so I am really trying hard with this first thing in the morning. So if your here and I am not around, well I will be out walking the walk. Have a great day...Note to self, take waterbottle due to the heat. one foot in front of the other!


  1. I enjoy walking and sometimes talking. I think many people do that too.

  2. Walking - I use my ipod but that's not right for everybody. I walk around the same little, boring parking lot, rather than go far from home.
    Have fun, Cinner! And glug, glug, on the water!

  3. It's amazing how alike we are...

  4. Holly, yes we are very much alike, I don't get far but it is further than I used to.
    Anne, no scenic tour for me yet, just around a couple of blocks,
    Rafael, its always nice to have someone to walk with...

    Well take care for today, I have to make supper now, because I will be too tired for later, so I try to get things ready in the am.
    Have a great day.

  5. Hi Cinner-
    I was so happy to see you over at my place. Good for you that you are out there walking. I have to go with my "rollator",- a walker with 4 wheels and a seat. Oh well........oh and hand brakes too!! I also put a bike horn on the handle bar - too funny. :-)

    If you look back on my blog a bit to my 100th post it is a bit of a re-cap of my blog's intent - if you feel you like it.

    Meanwhile, I am going to now ad you to my blog list and blogs I follow. I am so glad we found each other Cinner and I am excited for where this will go.

    Love Gail

  6. Hello Cinner, hope you did get your walk in this morning. I am the same as you only with almost everything.....I just don't feel like doing something but when I do it, I have fun and am always happy that I did. I think it's called discipline or lack of.....LOL
    Have a great day my friend......:-) Hugs

  7. Gail I was so excited to find you. Thankyou for becoming a follower, you should check out my main blog listed on my sidebar. I am coming back for a visit to check out more of your blog. lol a bike horn on the handle bars. I have a bike but every time I get on it, I fall off due to my Cataplexy. Thanks for making my day.

  8. Gail, I did read your posts or most of them, You hit the nail on the head for me. Your comment.."I am scared of my weakness, of my own brokeness" I had to sit back, that is how I felt when I first got my illness,,,that somehow I felt broken, it was the same feeling when I realized I could not have children,,,but as I adjust to my changes in me, I don't feel broken anymore, or very occasionally. Besides if something is broken we try and fix it, so I just glued me back together. My illness is explained on my other blog. Hope you get by for a visit. Big Hug, take care.

  9. Bernie, I did get my short walk in, the sun is shining so I am venturing out again before I have to lay down. I wish I could sit in a chair and sleep outside,,,but I need my blankie and my pillow. Have a great day.

  10. Nice post. I am a borderline diabetic and walking keeps the sugar under control.

  11. SG...Thanks for visiting, Diabetes runs rampant in my family. I should have been doing this lifestyle change years ago...but I am looking forward at what I can do, not at what I did not. Take care.

  12. Hello there Cinner ! I know what you mean. When I'm sitting at home I just can't be bothered to go out for a walk. If I find it in myself to do it then it's fine, no actually it's great. I feel marvellous afterwards.
    I have a dog myself and I love to take him out; but lately I leave that to my husband most of the times. I keep telling myself that I'll do it when the weather cools down but I know I'm just procrastinating.

    PS. This is a wonderful blog you got here! Well done!


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