Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get Your Body Movin...Head onto the Higway!

Today I am having trouble uploading pictures with blogger, so after various attempts, I decided we would just have to wing it today. I excersised this am, The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day and I am in a wonderful frame of mind today. After I am done this I am going to spend the morning outside drawing or reading. See we are so lucky to have choices in our lives and I am feeling so much in control with this lifestyle change. I have the choice to make it work or not, same with the exercising, and with the mind as far as positive or negative go. What I have found that is working for me is the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. I never used to but then I made up for it in the evening. I remember I heard once That with no breakfast was like driving a car with no fuel. The body needs fuel to get going and I can already start to notice the difference. Little by little I like a tortoise is slowing making my moove towards a better quality of life. That's it for today. Hope your day is great!Live well. note to self find out who played that song, !


  1. Cool, we have to live the best out of our lives but also keep healthy for the life to last longer, God also helps a bit, he makes all of the decisions, somehow.

  2. Rafael, That is so true, live your best to be your best. God Bless.

  3. Hi Cinner-

    Here's the song you are looking for:


    it is "Steppenwolf" - 'Born To Be Wild' in case the url doesn't get u there you can go to YouTube' yourself. k?

    We are musicians here and raised in the 60's so it' in our souls. :-)
    and I am thrilled for you and YOUR choices - all good, eehah! And I love breakfast too. I always have grains, fruit and a protein.

    So nice to visit.

    Love to you

  4. Thanks Gail, Thanks for the name of the song.
    Big Hug and love back. c

  5. Well, Cinner, It's always good to see you around on the blogs. Steppenwolf, eh?
    How cool is that!

  6. Anne, good to see you too. I had a boyfriend who used to listen to steppenwolf all the time. Talk about a blast from the past...all the way to 1983. Take care, Have a great day.

  7. Hi cinner, so love coming here and reading your post. You are so honest about everything you are going through and your plans on how to deal with your challenges are very inspiring to me and to the others I'm sure. So happy you had a good breakfast than did some exercise, I have to get back to that healthy routine and soon. Have a wonderful evening my friend....and many hugs to you....:-)

  8. Congrats on a great start to your day. I love the idea of being outside drawing! That sounds so relaxing :-)


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