Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rock On

Well one thing I have decided is that I have to keep myself busy so that I am not tempted to find something to munch on. A few years ago I got into carving rocks and I like the look of just the black on the rock. This is one that I did a few years ago. So i think I will dig up my dremel tomorrow to use on the weekend when my husband is home...nothing like having someone to supervise me. I had an excellent day for making the right choices and finally managed 8 glasses of is getting easier. Have a great day and remember persevere and we will meet our goal.


  1. Oh...that rock is SO cute! How do you do that? Do you carve the rock? If so, with what?

  2. First I find soft river rock and then I use a dremel tool to grind them, there are different bits that you can use but the diamond head works the best. so I do mine by hand, if I ever get my hands on a laser machine then I can go to town. It took about 8 hours to do that one little rock. Hey I am a girl with lots of time on my hands. I just got back from the doggie part with my now is nap time for all of us. Later, thanks for visiting.


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