Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am so excited , that I just can't hide it....Yesterday I went to the dog park with both of my dogs. My sister in law picks us up and away we go! What I noticed is how much easier it was this week than last for me to walk. Even though I had to stop at the benches for a rest I was able to go almost twice as far. It felt so good. I have not been able to do that for so long. So this little headway that I have made so far is like a miracle to me! It has been so hard being so limited as to what I can do. Did I hurt after my walk? Yes, Was I extremely tired? yes, but I had a walk in my step that I have not felt for awhile. I am going to step on the scale on the 15th, but I do know I am doing the right thing, making better choices, smaller portions, water...As a matter of fact I am going to ride my new hotpink bicycle and see how I do with that, first I want to go buy a helmut, I can look cool like the other kids....Not! Life Is Good!


  1. Hello, I have popped over from Margie's blog and read your beautiful post. Congratulations on your walk, its wonderful knowing how you have taken your power back and working towards a healthier life......we all need to do more of this....thanks for setting an example for all of us to follow. Good Luck and many blessings.......:-) Hugs

    PS: My verification word was motion

  2. Hi Bernie, nice to have you here, Yes I was thrilled about my walk. I am going to come for a visit. Thankyou for your well wishes.

  3. Bernie, motion, it must be a hint for my day.


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