Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting With The Program

Hello, This is a picture of one of my newphews trying to eat his supper at my house. I feel like those dogs...please, puhlease, please just another bite. Come on you know you wanna, come on. puhleeze...OK so the fun and games are over. I actually did pretty good today but I am starting to have cravings and I might have been a little bit grumpy today. I guess it is a good thing I am by myself, because I can only argue so much and then one of us will win. That is the Me or I, anyway I behaved myself. At my Doctors yesterday he talked to me about sending me to this weight Smart program through the Health System here. He did not know how long the wait would be , so I told him yes I would sign up for it. I figure it won't hurt right and maybe it would do me good. I know people have to take this before they have anything like gastric bypass or lapband procedure. Now I am not going to do that as I am sure I can do this on my own. So I am drinking water and eating salads and you know it has been only 5 days but I am already feeling a bit better. I have hurt my back, not sure what I did and no I did not overdo it on any exercises as I have started with the walking for now...One day I will run. Take care.


  1. apparently comments were not working awhile ago. But they are now. good luck and again, thanks Char.

  2. Yay for the comments working I'm having deja vu....did we just go through this?
    Walk first, then run, Cinner...ONWARD and DOWNWARD!

  3. Yeah, others have had the same problems! How are you doing

  4. So, the "one day I will run"...I like that and I think that's where you that certainty.

    I'm having the cravings today as well....and not that I've been bad, but I haven't been good...

    I'm going back to my flavored waters...I've moved off them for awhile...I guess I got bored. But, when I crave things I shouldn't eat, they seemed to break the craving and it's good for me, so I think I'll go back to them.

    Drink more water does help when your brain's trying to sabotage your hard effort.

  5. Thanks Holly and Anne, I have put lemon in my water today and so far so good. I think it is a taste eventually you crave. I know once I got into it before I was fine, so a few more days and I should be over this feeling of mine, I have cut out coffee because my doctor told me I have a hernia, which has been causing some of my those two dwarfs you mentioned Holly, I think I am all seven of them...I don't miss the coffee, I miss the flavored creamers and sugar...with just a bit of coffee...Lord love a duck! Have a great day, I will be thinking of you both.


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