Monday, August 3, 2009

Let Your Spirit Soar

This picture is of Hilda from somewhere areound the 1920s if I recall correctly. I found it on the net awhile ago and can not remember the site so I am not claiming this as my own...I think this picture says it all for me...I want to feel good, I want to run in the fields and fly a kite, I want to have curves....I know the truth, there is not a pencil thin Cindy inside of me. I don't want that for me. All I want is to be able to do....You might be wondering what on earth I am talking about, I want to do everything I have not done for six years. I believe I am in the best time of my life. Obviously I don't give a darn what anyone thinks of me or I would not have put my weight on my post. I think I got scared when I saw my Dad die this past May and I realized that I better take care of myself. I was grieving for my Dad and that gave me all the more reason to eat...For what , I could not bring him back. Then I wwould have a good day and well the weather was hot, good reason to barbecue, and on and on it goes. So this blog so far is keeping me on track, going forward, and one day I am going to soar. I already have the kite. I am posting this early as I have a physical tomorrow. Such fun, not...I have had my fill of doctors enough to last me a lifetime...This is how it will go down. Weigh me, lecture me, take bloodpressure, go for bloodwork, xrays etc. I guess I am grateful I have a doctor. About a month ago a couple of the busiest medicentres were closed due to shortage of doctors...But that is a whole other story for another day. When I start to feel better I am going to dye my hair red...always had more fun as a red head....but I will never be in a swimsuit like Hildas!


  1. Today we did well. Tomorrow we will try to do well by ourselves once more. Hugs....

  2. We love you! Run in those fields! We would love to run with you!

    Love your doggie fans!
    Natalia & Tatiana~

  3. I love that picture - Incredible - you are very visual and descriptive!
    I think about you every time I drink water :)

  4. Yes we will all do well, Holly I am glad you did well today, I did very good and was not down at all about the number on my scale, which is a first. I could have sulked all day.
    Anne , I think i found it on Penniwigs the name of the blog. I will check for you. As for the water, I think of you too. today I thought, aw shite, not again. If anne can do it so can I.
    I have two doggie fans Natalia and Tatiana.Maybe Holly you should have a blog for Rory and Fiona, and I could have one for Kula and Sparky... I think I will wait for now. Take care. Until tomorrow.


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