Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Nasty Girls

Well I hope everyone is doing okay and had a healthy day. I was pleased with myself today, I made some very healthy choices, portion control was awesome, a little short on the water. Man oh man, that is a tough one for me, I know that if I can get in the habit with it , I will start to crave it. I had my physical today and weighed exactly what I did two years ago. So He was pleased that it had not gone up and yes so was I, however not pleased it had not gone down....But how can something go down if you have not been working on it....Maybe it's one of those miracles that i want to happen overnight! SO anyway everything went well, The day had cooled off so my feet actually had ankles today....when it's really hot, let me put it this way I have tree trunks with round balls of dough for toes. This is freeing to tell it like it is....The more comfortable I get with my body the more real I can get with myself.Picture me with hand on my hip saying Large and in Charge baby! Today I got into the elevator, my husband had just gone to the post office. I told hin dont worry about me I will be fine. There was an older lady, 2 girls that I swear were as high as a kite, and when I stepped on they started laughing and giggling and whispering. There was a young guy with them and he was embarased...So when the older lady and I got off, I turned to the girls and said, Ladies that was really quite rude, and the one said no not really! I then said well ladies have a great day and continue on bringing joy to others around you. I know it hit home for just a moment.'
If as children we had ever veen rude to anyone we would of had the lecture from my parents....anyway enoough time spent today on them! So I will be back on track tomorrow. Have a great day. Until tomorrow.p.s. I can not get any pic to post tonight. wait till you see then on Thursday.


  1. We used to have to curtsey!
    Bring the pics!

  2. Cinner: They couldn't admit it at the time having to show bluster in the face of being challenged, but I'm glad you said something to them. Young ones never learn how to live well in society if elders do not challenge them to think and behave differently.

    You did that...and you took up for yourself today...with that and the better choices you made for yourself all day. Now go get a glass of water and I will do the same.

  3. Yes we did have to curtsey sorta.The ground rules were laid down early for us. Manners, no disrespect, always please and thankyou. Any food put before you, never complain! Listen to your elders, and the list goes on and on...I was rebellious for awhile, but never on any of these issues. Have a good day gals and lots of water. I am so loving the water, water, water. No pop in 5 days....lets all say it together, poor, poor cinner. Take care.

  4. Glad you put those gals in their place. I believe in Karma . . . it will come back to them three fold. Hope your back is feeling better (can't seem to be the first to comment on the post above). Karen


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