Monday, February 6, 2012

Scary Jarry and the Scale Debate!

Hi Everyone,
Here is a picture of a BlueJay
that visits me every year.
He has nothing to do with my post,
other than he annoys me sometimes
with his demand for peanuts.
I call him Scary Jarry
because he will actually dive bomb me
if I don't have any out for him.
So when Scary Jarry and the other 3 show up
they screech and screech until I put out the peanuts.
I love that they come to my yard for a visit
and only Scary Jarry has eaten out of my hand.
Anyway back to my meeting.
Weigh In Time
I went in feeling like I must be down another
ten pounds.
I felt that good, clothes have been fitting bigger,
I have been eating so healthy, making good choices
and the scale was down 1.5 pounds,
Now I know down is still good,
but I just felt annoyed that it was not more.
So in the meeting we are asked how we are feeling,
and I say "Well I came in here feeling Whoo Hoooo
and now because of the Scale
I am feeling dissapointed,
I continued to say Logic tells me I am still doing good
but I hate the scale, I hate getting on it and having
the numbers on it break or make my day. I then told them my husband has
hidden mine in the house because I become so obsessive about it.
To the point I get on it, I gasp, it must be wrong,
I get off it, then I tip toe back on it, what up another pound,
so then I go for round three, same as the first,
For the Love of
So what does the instructor say,
Fabulous topic for tonight.
I left the meeting at the end
knowing that it is just an indication as to whether we are doing good or not,
that by me stepping on the scale and not being happy about it,
that I slipped right into sabatoge mode,
The all or nothing, ready to throw the towel in,
not taking into account how good I was feeling,
that I have exercised more,
that clothes were fitting better,
that I could walk further and that this week
I did not have to use my cane.
Also we were informed about stress,
that sometimes that can make you not lose as
fast as you want,
I said I have nothing to be stressed about,
and was told does not mean you are not,
Well by the time I left the meeting,
I realized I am stressed,
that I find it very hard to be at home
most of the time due to my illness,
I joked that I better not step on the scale on the
way out because I had probably just put on ten pounds.
One of the ladies did get on the scale and she
had put on 2 pounds, she just laughed.
I said I don't dare get on it or I will be headed for
The good news is is that I am sticking to my
program, I have not thrown in the towel,
I have not turned to bread for comfort,
I have walked more on my treadmill over
the weekend than I have in a long time,
and I have been drinking more water.
Thanks for all the comments that have helped
me with that.
Do you have an issue with the scale making
or breaking your day.
I would love to hear your comments on it.
Have a great week everyone,
Until next time,


  1. Oh my scale issues. LOL. My sabotage starts when I am doing really well. Who know why, but when I get past the 10 lb mark I just get to a point where I think I shouldn't eat this, but I'm going to anyway. Its ridiculous. Good for you on your loss. Any loss is a loss in the right direction. :)

  2. I used to weigh myself all the time, everyday! Now I never do. I can tell when I'm losing by the way I look and how my clothes feel.
    When I got weighed at the doctor a few weeks ago, I was surprised that I had lost six pounds! Of coarse that was before the surgery on my carotid artery. I can't exercise for a while yet. And my pants are getting tighter!
    I'm proud of you Cinner. I think you are doing wonderfully. Now I need to catch up!!
    Please don't mention McDonalds though, double cheeseburgers are my comfort food! Love Di ♥

  3. I suppose I have a different take on the scale thing... I appreciate having it as a tool for information. Without that occasional accountability, I tend to wander and be less careful.

    It's just plastic/glass/metal bits... it's inert and has no power over me. It's MY interpretation of the data that can influence how I feel.

    For me, if I feel down after a weigh in, it's not "the scale". It's my own unmet expectations. I kinda think a little temporary disappointment is normal. But them I shift gears, take the data, and see it there's anything I can do or change, or just wait it out. Either way, it's just one tool in the kit. :-)

    My last weigh in, I was the same... no loss at all. So see? Ya beat me by 1.5!! ;-)

  4. I hate scales and don't have one in my home.
    It can be bad a thing cause the weight can creep up on you before you know it.
    It takes guts and heart to get on that scale. Keep going Cinner. Before you know it the numbers will be moving in the right direction.

  5. so glad you are still on your program! scales can be horrible! stress is a culprit for sure. Positive attitude ups our immune system and spirits and more. still i understand, this is a big deal. I wish you the best each day.


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