Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whoo Hoooo

Tomorrow I go and get my stitches out which makes me a
Happy Camper,
I am on my second week of Recovery
so only eight more to go.
When I feel good I hate sitting around.
But the thing is I feel good and I am thrilled about that.
The last four years had been very tough on me
as just to walk was an issue, so I am thrilled to see myself
able to do this again without hurting or becoming out of breath.
I want to dance right into my day,
In my mind I am even though the body is not quite there yet.
I am finally organized with my eating plan
and have a book strictly for wellness that I am writing 
in every day. I also cancelled my appointment
to have the Gastric Bypass Assesment.
Odd that after 2.5 years of waiting
I now change my mind.
They will call me in 2012 to make sure that I still want to cancel.
They told me I might still want to do it once my body heals.
So I am making the biggest committment to me
that I will not need it.
So far is day eight of portion control.
My Goal for July is to drink 300 bottles of water.
That is one of my shortfalls, and then plan to 
increase this on a monthly basis.
Once I have recovered is to start a vigorous exercise regime,
but for now it will be walking.
Today I am going to look for a housekeeper
for maybe once a week during the summer.
My husband is awesome but I think he needs a break.
so I am wishing all the Canadians
a Happy July 1st Holiday,
and all of my 
American Friends a Wonderful
July 4th Holiday Weekend.
Until next time,


  1. Oh, Cinner, what a big decision, and good for you for deciding what is right for you. Only you can possibly know that, and I wish you the very best in your journey.

    I too am looking at my life and making decisions that surprise me. Sometimes things change. Often we need to do things that other people don't understand.

    I recently made a decision never to diet again. Never. I know that people might judge me as I am morbidly obese. However, I would rather learn to trust the wisdom of my body instead. It is really scary and countercultural, but I know it is right for me. And that however my body ends up--I can trust it, and it will heal and be what God/the Universe has intended for it to be.

    Peace and love to you, my dear,


  2. Whoo hoo, indeed! It is good that they are giving you time to possibly change your mind. Am so glad to read this update. And really, is there a better time of year for an extended recovery period?!

  3. It makes my heart soar to hear that you are healing well and in such positive spirits! I am so very happy for you.

  4. Wonderful that you are healing well. Even better that you already notice the lack of pain in movement. Yay for Cinner. Keep up your spirits dear one and good luck on the is so hard for me to remember to drink enough. Oma Linda


  6. Soooo happy you are feeling good and on the mend. I'm happy for you.
    xoxoxo jj

  7. Hi Cinner,
    I am so glad that you are healing and feeling better~wishing you a speedy recovery! And Happy July 1st holiday!

  8. HI CINNER - I am so glad you are recovering so well. And I am relieved and excited that you decided to for-go the bypass surgery. A long time freind of my sisters had that surgery. She did well initially but now, she is HUGE because over time she stretched her stomach and gained all the weight back and then some. I have sat at a table with her for meals and I was amazed at how much she could eat considering that she had bypass surgery. Point-in-case. It is not about the food it is about what comfort the food offers against truths deep within still unresolved. I wish you freedom form all your secrets and truths resolved forever.
    Love to you

  9. Happy to hear all is still going well and I am wishing you the best for new beginnings,

  10. So very glad you are feeling better and better!

  11. how awesome is this post speaks of your courage and strength and overcoming spirit. I loved reading this and I'm totally cheering for you. Your commitment to be well...really encourages me. My struggles are different than yours but the fight is similar....When I read your words....I breathe in strenght....Hugs you my good friend...Stay strong and you know I love those fairies on your sidebar. love them and you.

  12. Hi Cinner,
    I was on Sherry's blog and read about a woman named Char...What did she die of? This is just so sad and I'm so sorry to hear it.

  13. sending prayers for a speedy recovery and hugs too

  14. you sound good Cinner. I am so happy for you. Feeling good is a wonderful thing. I wish you health, vitality and dreams come true.


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