Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Feel Good........

Hello to you all I am back at home now,
came home on Friday morning,
and I believe I am doing way better than expected,
and I realized that I will never be that tree on the horizon
that is alone,
I had so many phone calls, cards, flowers and fruit baskets, blog comments
and emails that I so very much appreciated.
Thank you to everyone for making a difficult time much easier.
Now the great news, Everything went great and 
drum roll there was no cancer. Some test was
done during the operation, it is also being sent away for a test that
is more thorough but the results will come back the same the
doctors told me;  I am on a 10 week recovery now
where I can not lift anything more than four pounds.
that means my pets around here and they are so annoyed,
well I think they are, the looks I get from them begging me to pick them
up is ridiculous. But they will have to suck it up.
As to how I am feeling.....excited because even though I hurt now,
I already don't as much as before. Great news is that I have lost
quite a bit of weight but am still swollen from the operation
so have not gone on the scale and won't for awhile.
My clothes fit bigger, I knew they would because
the cysts were quite large.
Yesterday I went for a short walk, first time in weeks
my back did not ache because I could not stand properly,
It is the first time I can touch my skin by lightly
running my fingers down over my skin
and I don't feel no pain!
(Except where Surgery was done)
A lot of positive things have opened up for me
and I am overjoyed.
My younger sister was with my husband and I at the hospital,
the first two days, 2 days later my other sister and my Mom
arrived. I think they all came to see me, but on the other hand
there seemed to be some shopping going on,
hey just saying,
So Cinner is back,
getting fit, healthy and really thankful
for my outcome.
I hope you are all doing well
I will be by to visit as often as I can,
I am not able to sit up for long right now
but that will get easier every day.
Gotta go lay down for a while,
Thanks for all your kindness
I love when a plan
all falls into place
I am blessed.
Have Your Very Best Days.


  1. Welcome home sweetie! So glad you are doing so well!! And that you are and were surrounded by many good thoughts and prayers doesn't surprise me at all! You are such a dear sweet friend to all of us...we love you!!!
    Now behave yourself and don't overdo!
    Congrats on a successful surgery! And that the tests came back negative is fabulous!!
    Hugging you

  2. I am so glad you are feeling so good, Cinner, and that the tests and the surgery went well. I am also glad to hear that you have such a loving surround to help you heal. That is to be expected with a sweet heart like yours.
    Heal well, wonderful One.
    Sending more light and love your way !

  3. This is great news. No cancer and your surgery went well. Happy you are home and recovering.

  4. HELLOE CINNER!! I bowed my head in prayers of thanks for your good outcomes. Tears of joy fell and sighs of reliff were deep and unyielding. AMEN.

    Also, I checked to see if I can mail the envelope to you of which we spoke but the postal strike is still on!!
    Love to you and BIG cheers

  5. Sunday relieved all went well and that you are home with no pain. Dee

  6. I feel so happy for you cinner, oh the relief you must feel! Now you can just heal and enjoy the rest of your wonderful life. Sending big hugs and much love....:-)

  7. Oh Cinner, what amazingly wonderful news! I am so happy to hear from you and even happier that things went so well.

    Your poor furry babies will be okay. I know how they can be with those big guilty eyes they give us. ;-)

    Keep healing and keep us posted on your recovery. Hugs to you!

  8. What wonderful news - all that love and support, no more cysts, no cancer and recovering well. Its just so great to hear good news like this, I'm so pleased for you. Don't try to do too much, take it easy and take care of yourself

  9. Welcome home, Cinner!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending (((hugs))) your way, my friend!!!

  10. So happy everything went well! I hope things keep going that way and you get better and better, and lose more and more weight!


  11. Such wonderful news. I'm glad you are making a fast recovery. It sounds like when you are all healed up you'll be feeling better than ever! :-) Yay!

  12. yeah yeah yeah told you all would be well so so so happy for you I have been down and out with a terrible flu for a bit over a week but i was thinking of you so happy doing a little happy dance here yeah love lots chat soon and speedy recovery for you hugs hugs kisses cheers and big smiles

  13. Glad you are doing so well, Cinner.

  14. What great news, Cinner! The miracles of surgery...I am so happy for you and filled with gratitude for your life and you! Peace and love, Olivia

  15. I know I am late Cinner but I just had to tell you that this post just made my day and made me smile! I am so happy for you and hope the recovery keeps going well for you!!
    Love Di ♥


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