Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June, I have been waiting for you.

June has arrived, I love this time of year.
I walked outside this morning and was met by the lilacs blooming,
smelled so beautiful. I always bring bouquets into the house
and put them in each room.
It is too bad they don't last longer. I have awaited June anxiously this year.
Tomorrow I go see the second surgeon and then the surgeries are 
decided if they will do them together or not.
surgery is schedule for June 23, so I know soon I will be feeling so much better.
I have been trying to exercise as much as I can and have to admit
that it has been with great difficulty, however next month I should be able
to go full force ahead again. I have really cut back on my food intake
because of my immobility right now. The waiting lists to have anything done in
our Health Care system just seem to get longer and longer, and yet we
are supposed to have one of the Best Health Care Systems in the world.
I feel sorry for the doctors and the nurses, as there are such a shortage of both.
I have Sleep Apnea and recently purchased a new hose for the Cpap.
what a difference in my sleep, so I wake up and feel rested.
Katie wrote a very good article on Sleep Apnea
and you can read up information from any Sleep Disorder site.
Thanks for all the kind comments about my Dad the other day,
you all made the day much more bearable.
Well I am off to get some sunlight and work a little in my 
flowerbeds, so until next time take care.
and Live your Best Days Ever,


  1. June is a lovely month, Cinner, although it's unusually hot here this week, almost like mid summer and our Lilacs have bloomed and gone. Wishing you all the best with the surgeries. You will have a good summer to look forward too.

  2. I'm glad you are getting better sleep at night.

  3. I love my sleep and my bed! Highlight of my day (night)!! Ha! Glad you are enjoying your important!!
    Yes I have been waiting for June as well. And it is here!! Woot!!!
    Doesn't seem possible!
    Have a wonderful restful weekend
    Hugging you

  4. Oh, Summer, how we missed you! Enjoy!

  5. I am so glad your sleeping has improved. Sleep deprivation can lead to so many negative things. I wish you the best of luck on your surgeries as well though I hate that you have had to wait so long. Enjoy the lilacs and rest while you can. Take car, my dear friend.


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