Monday, May 30, 2011

Lock Up your Kitchens!

Hi everyone. I am sorry for not being around,
My sister came and stayed with me for a few days,
and then on the weekend I finally got my yard work all done.
I have found it very difficult this year with my hernia, etc.
Just over three weeks and I should be ship shape again.
Did I say I am looking forward to it, oh yes I am.
The puppy has been keeping me on my toes.
and I have to report that my clothes are fitting a bit better,
actually a lot better. I fall into bed at night exhausted,
but a good exhausted.
Today I woke up
wanting to eat everything in my house,
and then pop by all of yours to finish it off.

I have eaten healthy,
not giving in to the feelings I have today on missing my Dad.
It is two years ago that he passed away.
He is also the reason I did not give in to my eating triggers today.
I used to think that when someone dies,
your love for them would not continue to grow,
but it does everyday.
I wrote more about him on my other blog today.
miss you and love you lots Dad.
My Dad had diabetes, had five artery bypass and then seven
years later went into the hospital to have hip surgery
and passed away of heart issues. You know it was sudden
and then in other ways, the warning signs were there.
I often ask myself how many warning signs do we get
when we make that ultimate decision
that life is a one shot deal.
I am choosing to make the most of mine,
so no need to lock your doors,
I won't be visiting your kitchens today!
Hope you are all well and 
living your best Day ever.
Take care,


  1. I too have trigger is so hard. I have always been an emotional eater. As a kid I came home to an empty house and that is when it started. Alone meant lonely and that meant hard to break a cycle. But keeping busy and making myself do what needs to be done is the only way I can overcome the old focus and re focus to the good stuff.
    You are such an inspiration and your lighthearted truthfulness is refreshing.
    Be well my friend, The Olde Bagg

  2. Peace be with you today, Cinner. Good for you for your attitude (as always) and my thoughts and prayers are with you in missing your dad. Something that helps me sometimes as I miss my dad (not my bio-dad but my father-in-law) is dwelling on the wonderful memories and being filled with gratitude for having him. So many people don't have fathers who care. I know I didn't and then I was blessed with a father-in-law who let me know what a father really is. So to have a father in your life who loved you is such a gift!

    Congratulations on your continued weight loss progress. Peace and love, Olivia

  3. i don't need a trigger though boredom sets me up big time and i make excuses for my not being able to exercise, you know sore back, hip, arm whatever ha ha!!
    Good for you not giving in and i know how it is to miss your dad mine has been gone 7 years and still i want to call him.
    love lots

  4. Oh Cinner, I know exactly how you feel. Big hugs to you and a prayer to your dad.

    High five on keeping your eating in check and your cloths feeling bigger. That's fabulous.

    Keep up the good work and feel good.

    xo jj

  5. Joanna, thanks for always being so kind to me. I do feel good most days, so that is a plus. sorry I have not visited much lately...I am working on being more organized. hugs dear friend.

  6. Oh Kim, if only we could call them. I feel they are such a huge part of us. as my friend Holly said we just carry on with life and take them with us. I will be around to visit soon. did you decide on a word yet.

  7. Mami thank you so much, that is very kind of you. Hoping you are all fine,
    little baby is probably growing like a weed. by to see you soon. hugs.

  8. Olivia, thank you for your kind words today, I am so glad you had a wonderful relationship with your FIL,
    I did too. My Dad and I had many disagreements, but somehow always worked through things...It is funny one of the things I have learned is that as a child I expected them to be perfect....I don't know where kids get that idea from, seems alot of pressure and high expectations to put on someone....I do miss him so and somehow people are right when they say time makes it easier, although you don't believe it at first....Thank you Olivia, I am very grateful we have crossed paths, wishing you well on your journey. hugs.

  9. Linda I remember your post about this, oh yes I am an emotional eater too. I have to really watch, sometimes I still go there, so I just keep working on these silly habits. I wish I had a habit of exercising instead...but hey working on that one honesty not too much sucess. I think I will feel better once I have my operations the end of June. How are you managing, I have to come pay a visit, now that my yard is planted and taken care of
    now I can get back to my life lol. hugs, think of you often. hugs.

  10. You are awesome, Cinner ! To recognize this trigger and say no way ? That is just awesome. Treat yourself to some good healthy loving instead while you are hurting, okay, Beautiful Lady ! Big hugs !

  11. Hope you've had a fulfilling day; I've just crawled out of bed over here and, if it's not too freezing outside, will start pruning the roses, it's that time of the year.

    I know what you mean about your Dad; mine has been gone 22 years now and it's as if I spoke to him and hugged him yesterday. Both my parents are still very close and often I think "Gosh, you just sounded like Mum" or, "Dad taught me to pull it apart this way and put the screws down in the order they have to go back"...I always smile when I think of them.


  12. It is so hard to not give in to those triggers and I applaud your success. Particularly on a day of remembrance for a loved one. I am sending you thoughts of healing and love. You are such a strong and noble soul.


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