Monday, June 6, 2011

Beware of Strong Emotions!

Hey there it's the cat,
I am not too popular today,
Cinner was sitting at the table cutting up steak
for her supper. I had dropped a ball of yarn on the table
earlier. I was sitting on the stool, she threw the wool and I leaped off
the stool, to hear a great big bang behind me.
Ooopss I had knocked the stool over.
The noise was incredible.
I guess I startled Cinner because she had one of those
Cataplexy Spells. It was different this time, she did not fall to the floor,
but she could not regain her speech for quite a while.
I jumped up and ate a bunch of the steak,
well it was not like she could give me heck
and after these spells she gets very tired,
so she sure would not be chasing me around the house.
She has not had one of these spells for quite a while,
they are a little scary for her as I saw some tears in her eyes
Mr. Cinner came home and saved the day.
The stools from their new table set has some kind of string in the bottom
of the seat in the stools, so when it fell over,
it did sound like a gunshot.
Anyway now that she knows that can happen,
she won't be surprised next time.
Cataplexy is triggered by strong emotions,
being startled, laughter, excitement, anger, etc.
I think it is much easier being a cat.
It all worked out okay though,
I had steak that was pretty good,
Cinner had a long sleep, and I laid beside her
so she could listen to me purr.
Other than that it was an uneventful day.
Here is something that may be of some interest to you.
It may give you a better understanding of how it is to live with this condition.
take care,
the cat


  1. Thank you for posting the video...Oh my! Your spells happen so can't prepare yourself for them. I just can't imagine Cinner. How awful for you!
    And the cheeky little cat...startling you and then coming back and eating your dinner. How rude is that!!??!!
    Loving you sweetie

  2. oh, Cindy, so sorry to hear that you had a Cataplexy spell again ... but it seems like they are not as often lately if I understand well ... so that would be a great news! As for your cat ... haha! sorry but I had to laugh about the steak ... I bet the cat was really fast, smart they are ;-) ... have a wonderful day, take lots of rest ... thank you for the video with the explanation about the illness .... sending lots of love!

  3. I am so glad that you are okay after your cat-induced Cataplexy spell. That sounds so very scary. And I am sure since it has been a while since you suffered one, this one was especially hard.
    Take good care of you, Lovely One and keep on celebrating all that is right with you !
    Hugs !

  4. Oh soon as I read the beginning I knew what that silly cat was going to say!! Geesh hon...I would be terrified. I fainted like that once years ago..could hear everything going on around me..but could not move. What horrid! (Locked my knees in formation). So glad you have the kit there to calm you. OMG...who would flick someone in the eye???!! Or use smelling salts for more than a moment..OMG! So glad you are ok hon...sending big squishy hugs hon!
    Thank you for popping by and seeing me hon..has been an emotional couple months. I think of you when I am walking..wish you were here to walk with me!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  5. Hello my dear friend - I am saddened to read of your episode and struggle. I hope you are feeling better and balanced again. I know so well your battle. I am with you in all ways possible.
    Love Gail
    peace and hope for us all

  6. I am wishing you better days ahead. I hadn't really heard anything about cataplexy until I found your blog, so thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you for the positive attitude you work to have every day. Peace, Olivia

  7. Hi Cinner! I'm sure glad you can still keep your sense of humor!

    I've nominated you and your blog for an award.

  8. Hey Kitty - good job being next to Cinner!
    Well written post! Love it!

  9. Oh Cinner, I am so sorry that you have to live with this. It must be terrifying to have one of these spells. I just cannot imagine going through it. I am so glad your beautiful kitty lay beside you to purr for you. Be well, sweet friend.

  10. Mina, I am pretty lucky actually, I know they are not life threatening, so at least I know I probably am not checking out any time soon. Just very tired the next day or two. I am really blessed that they have found a combination of pills for me so I can live the best I can. lol. some people don't ever find out what they have if they don't show all the symptoms. thanks for your kindness. I will be by to visit.hugs.

  11. Anne, hi chickadee, I was glad she was there, if there is steak or chicken involved she is there like Flynn. smiles.

  12. Olivia, thank you for your interest in this. I am lucky my illness is not life threatening unless I fall and hurt myself when I fell. so many people out there that never get a chance to learn how to cope with the circumstances they were dealt. I think someone must have a reason for what keeps me going anyway. hope you are well. I am very glad our paths have crossed. hugs.

  13. Gail , thank you hon, I know you do, I am not sure if your computer is up and running again, sorry I have not been around much. think about you often. hugs.

  14. Hi Sarah, I was so proud to read about your walking...these spells don't happen often any more, just when I am tired....okay If I stay to my schedule then I am usually okay. Your fainting spell sounds very similar. Like the man on the video I usually have someone with me when I go our. I have ventured out a few times and carry a card with me just in case....but I can only be gone about two hours at a takes me forever and a day to do things....oh well, whats a gal to do. glad you are okay, hope the year brings many blessings your way. hugs dear friend.

  15. Kim, you are such a sweetheart...I am doing okay now, behaving this week I no more ten o'clock late nights for me....I will be by as soon as I can...I do think of you everyday as I am trying to make you a carved rock....don't think I will get this chance until after my surgery as they finally booked it. Hope you are well, big hugs sent to you.

  16. Hi Birdie, thanks for the kind words, yes I am doing okay....the cat stalks me when there is any food around, I am sure she plans these things. I finally found out I am booked for my surgery on the 21st so I will be feeling much better very soon. hugs to you, hope you and your family are well. thinking of you often.

  17. SueAnn you have no idea what happens around this house. lol. Thanks for watching this video. His video is about the most accurate that I have found. hope you are well. I see you have two other blogs now, am having trouble getting onto them....could be me though. lol. hugs.


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