Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Will sit in a corner, and just suck my thumb, omg

The last few days have been flying by.
I have to say I feel like my head has been through a bug zapper.
No not that bad.....
This was a conversation I had with a receptionist....
ME...Hi it is Cinner ---- I was wondering if Dr..SO and So is in on Tuesday.
HER; let me look, who is your doctor, what is my name.
ME; Tell her my Dr. So and So, tell and spell my name.
HER; yes he is in that day,, what time would you like.
Me; Is one and one fifteen available?
Her: Yes, okay just give me a minute.
ME; no problem,
HER. Okay I have you booked for Tuesday morning,
ME, no I need the one and one fifteen appointment please.
HER, okay I have you in for one and one fifteen.
ME. Perfect, I will see you on Tuesday, Thank you.
HER, Thank you, see you then.....
okay so not too bad right,
Saturday morning I get a phone call asking me why I had double booked
our appointments. I explained it had been a mistake made by the other lady
I had talked to, I explained that I only needed the one oclock and the one fifteen,
HER;;;oh oh okay, well I will cancel the 9  ad 9 fifteen, can you hold please.
Me; no problem.
HER. Okay so we will see you Tuesday at one and one fifteen 
with Dr. XYZ.
ME,. My appointment was supposed to be with my
family doctor So and So.
are you ready for this?
HER. Your doctor is not in on Tuesday.
By all that is holy I have no idea how I did not come unglued at the seams.
I said, I was told he would be in and I need to see him before
my surgeries that are supposed to be at the end of the month.
HER...oh well then you will need to book a preop appointment
and that will be longer.
I said okay when is my Doctor in,
well he is in but not until the 13th.
Okay I will book the appointment.
HER; What is your number on the form,
ME; What form?
HER..Your preop form.
I don't have the form, My doctor had asked me to call
and see him about my visit to the surgeons office.
HER, I am sorry you can only see your
doctor for one thing at a time.
ME, 100, 99, 98, 97......1, then I proceed to say
Please just put me down for followup..
HER...Oh yeah that will work,
ME, Great that will be good,
HER. What was your name again?
I can not even tell you what was going through 
my head at this point,
I can not even type it because
I think my computer
would blow up
Now I know I have been trying really really hard,
I snorfed down 2 pieces of rhubarb pie before
I could even think about it....
but then I refrained from eating the whole pie.
I was just feeling so frustrated,
obviously an emotional eater.
But good thinks come to those who wait,
the next morning I had a phone call from the hospital
and everything just fell into place like it should.
Surgery is booked,
In two weeks I should be good as new.
One catch.
I still have to go see my Doctor
next Monday,
and I can't remember the time,
I kid you not.
I think I will get my Hubby to check.
It was so ridiculous we did have a good laugh
when I was telling him about it,
sorry this was so long winded,
I needed to get this off
my chest.
Take care and thank you all for your 
kind comments on my last post.
Until next time,


  1. Oh my stars.....I do so understand. It's part of why I hate Dr.s. I think hey call it "the run around".
    Be well dear one. The Olde Bagg

  2. I do wonder sometimes how people even have a job. Sheesh!! And they give their co-workers the eye-roll as they are talking to you and they are the ones screwing up!! Gag!!!
    So I feel your pain. I would have hubby check too. He may be able to cut through the air-headed; dull-witted receptionists!!
    Good luck

  3. Arrrrgggghhhh ! Oh, there is so much we could do to make things better in this world. If people remembered that there are people behind those blocks on an appointment book, people that are just like them or like their mom or best friend, people who need to be treated like human beings !!!

    Ooops, sorry for the rant. I just has to vent !;-)
    Glad your appointment for surgery is all set. And definitely make hubby call about Monday!
    Light and love, Beautiful One !

  4. Hello Cinner- oh my, crazy talk!! Nail biting, hair pulling, toes curling, stomach wrenching, head spinning crazy-talk!! Some folk should NOT work with the public!! Keep the faith.
    Love you

  5. Oh my, I think that doctor's office needs some new help! But I'm glad you got it straightened out. Good luck trying to find the time again. :)

  6. Grrrrrrr I hate doctor's secretaries too. FAR too much power! is booked and afterwards - wow...won't it be great - a new road to walk but exciting.
    Looking forward to reading all about it

  7. Grrrrrrr I hate doctor's secretaries too. FAR too much power! is booked and afterwards - wow...won't it be great - a new road to walk but exciting.
    Looking forward to reading all about it

  8. Good lord! I'd have marched over to the office and thrown the pie in her face ;-)

    I sure hope it all gets straightened out. There are so many details to get n order for a surgery that a crazy receptionist can really mess things up.

    Good luck!!!

    xo jj

  9. Very frustrating...I felt it for you myself!

  10. oh my goodness!!!!!! wishing you the best with making appointments, surgery and life in general! enough of the run arounds! only blessings from here on out!

  11. It is good to be back to blog land and your blog. I can so relate to this conversation. My Frank has had so many doctor appointments that towards the end if the doctor office was not messing up I was which frustrated me even more.:( I have missed your inspiring posts.

  12. Oh Cinner, what an aggravation. Is it too much to ask for a little competence? At least you and hubby got a good laugh out of it. I guess the alternative would have not been pretty. ;-)

  13. ha ha ah seriously i just cacked up laughing so funny so typical so annoying you are a saint my girl love love


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