Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Would you change.

Sometimes we are just going to do some odd things,
be a little different, dress a little out of your zone.
This day I was filling a little blue, so I decided 
if your not happy change your day.
This was the outfit I came up with,
and I have to tell you I felt all that and a bag of chips
(oops I mean Salad)
Then when I looked at the picture
I could not help but laugh and think
What the heck was I thinking.
Sometimes we need to go to new places within ourselves.

THE NEW ME by cinner featuring POLYVORE.COM
If you have not heard of you will love what you can do and create.
This is just an idea of how I would like to dress.

How would you choose to dress, if you had nothing holding you back?
Wishing you all the best, the sky is the limit.

Take care, Cinner


  1. I love it!!! I changed up my look as well and I feel terrific!! Some don't like the change...but I love it!! So there!!!!
    Good for you
    Have a fabulous day dear one!

  2. Cindy! I love it too :-) You actually look great :-) You have pretty green eyes! Hope the blue will not last ...!! Sending lots of love!!

    grat post and I love the challenge. I was just thinking about my style. I am very much ole hippie, flower child type. :-) What I want to be more free and comfortable to do is wear sleeveless tops. ANd I look really good in hats but I doen't wear them. It's time!! Thanks for the motivation.
    Love to you always

  4. Hey beautiful green eyes, I like the camo look. I've taken to changing things up a bit myself. Instead of the same ole t-shirt and jeans....I have purchased some upscale blouses and pants. Also have taken to wearing skirts alot more. Change always is testing....sometimes we pass, sometimes we .... uh have to change again. tee hee.
    Great thought provoking posting.
    Take care, The Olde Bagg

  5. I like the look ! Especially if you felt like the cat's meow (avoiding chip reference ! ;))even for a part of the day. We all need those feel good moments !
    I have a perfectly clear idea of how I would dress if nothing held me back, but unless I become a designer and seamstress for plus size clothes, the biggest obstacle is what is available out there for us perfectly imperfect women with round parts. I use accessories and great shoes to help me at least feel like I look like the "inside me" on the outside but this is definitely a challenge, and always will be, even when I get to a healthy weight for me.
    Here's to embracing the beauties we are !
    Hugs, Beautiful One !

  6. I love you in whatever makes you feel truly wonderful about the beautiful woman you are.

  7. That's right, Cinner. You have to dress to where you want to go!!

  8. Gorgeous! Re-inventing always gives you a lift!

    I saw a quote on a friend's blog this morning ( which rang true -

    "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." - E.M. Forster.

    Have a very happy day! Hugs, xa

  9. Looking good, Cinner - sounding good!

  10. I like this photo of you
    so real
    you are lovely, the hairband, the cute glassed, the tat on your shoulder, fun to see you my dear.

  11. You will get there. Those clothes are cute. Keep them in mind as you pass the chips up for the salad~you can do it!

  12. I hear you Cindy...and your collage says it older man I used to work with and a recovering alcholic used to tell me all the time...inch by inch it's a cinch, yard by yard it's hard. One step at a time....stay strong.


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