Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Miracle Drug!

As I have been aging, as we all do,
I have really started to notice the changes with my skin.
little lines looking like little highways on a road map.
There are freckles, scratches, age lines, dry skin.
The best thing any of us can do is to drink lots and lots of water.
I can literally notice within a couple of days if I am drinking enough or not.
Also because I have problems with circulation, sometimes just to touch my legs
feels sore to the touch. If I drink enough water, there are no pains.
I have read that when babies are born they are 85% water,
which I find fascinating. As we age we shrink, loss of body mass, and that
number decreases as we continue to age. Apparently stress and dehydration
have very similar qualities and are often linked to chronic illnesses.
Also our brains are about 85 % water,
so if we are not drinking enough then our brain is not acting
as best as it could be.
Some of this info I have read on wikipedia.
I know this, this is something I can control,
With proper levels of water I can look years younger,
I can feel years younger, I can have less pain,
so it is a win, win for me.
I hope this encourages you to make sure you are drinking enough water.
It really is Gods Miracle Drug!
Have a great day.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I am really bad about remembering to drink my 8 glasses. BUt like you I can sure feel it when I don't. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day. We are on the heating up side of the last storm and by tomorrow it should be beautiful here.

  2. Good news!!! Good reminder, Cinner!

  3. Wonderful reminder! Water is a blessing we so often take for granted.

  4. Good advice!! I must do better with my water consumption!!
    Thanks Hun

  5. I try! I really do! But as much as I drink it, I haven't come to like it at all. Trying lemon, that may help a little. Someone told me to try a slice of orange, think I'll try it that way. I have trouble with dry skin, so I KNOW I have to drink more. /sigh

  6. Thank you, Great reminder!!
    Ms. Cinner, that bear climbing down the tree is the mama. The wee tiny heads in the hole in the tree are the two cups.

  7. Hello Cinner, I came here through Moments of Mine and wanted you to know that you have another follower cheering you on!

    I always forget to drink water. I said to my hubby that I should buy a big, red mug...he asked why and I replied, 'the colour will hit me in the face and remind me to fill it with water and drink!'

    Thanks for your bright posts!

  8. I drink gallons of water every week, my skin is good for my age but my neck is horrible.....have no idea why, I'll have to stay in on thanksgiving or they will shoot me for a turkey....:-)Hugs

  9. Bernie, you made me laugh, I doubt it is that bad, besides you have a neck. I am the no neck Cinner, it is a family trait....funny I always wanted a long neck so I could wear turtle necks.....I think you look wonderful in your picture and you can tell you have nice skin. I really believe your safe at Thanksgiving. lol. No one better shoot me friend. Love your sense of humor. hugs I have missed you and your posts. think of you often hon.

  10. I had to have a ct scan for kidneys. And they had me drink five glasses of water. Got to tell you that was so hard. I know what you posted here is true and got to drink more of the 'miracle drink'. Hugs to you Cindy...stay strong and hope your weekend is filled with fun stuff.

  11. Thanks for this Cinner!! I needed a reminder that I am Not drinking enough water!

  12. i enjoyed your newest post BUT i had to leave my comment here
    yes, i am aging
    that's okay
    i am okay
    i just have to readjust part of my routines and help my face with a little bit of make up and some exercise for my body
    see! LOL
    i am going to be fine
    hugs my sweet blog sister


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