Friday, May 6, 2011

Lifestyle Warriors

How are My Lifestyle Warriors Doing?
Have you had some Fresh Air today?
Sometimes just opening a Window can change your whole mood,
maybe not if you live by a garbage dump,
but if you can it is a good idea.
My house is 99 years old
and I find the air can be stale in here,
so on a daily basis my windows are opened,
it makes me feel alive,
gets the good mood flowing,
beckons me outdoors,
usually for a walk first thing in the morning,
the sun was shining today.
There are so many places to go walking here in the city,
parks and bike trails, side streets, down by the river,,
there is always somewhere that you can find that you feel
is your special place.
Maybe you can only make it to the bench in the park at the end of the block.
How lucky we are that we can get out and live.
I really mean this.
I can't move fast, but I can go faster than yesterday,
That is progress,
I can drink more water than yesterday,
I have my meals prepared ahead of time today,
so I am not tempted to grab anything I should not.
Did you prepare for your life today.
Start by looking in the mirror, tell yourself
you are worth it, you deserve, and you are going to achieve it.
One moment at a time, celebrate each win,
celebrate a feeling of lighter on your feet,
a better attitude, excitement for the day,
laughter, great healthy food, water,
exercising, clothes fitting better, rewarding yourself with non food.
Smiling, just do, don't quit, keep going, 
Whatever it takes.
Now is never too late to start, or now is never too late to start again.
Right now, is all that matters, This very minute.
I can do this, so can you.
Have a great weekend,
thank you to all of you whom encourage me every day.
Remember you are never alone.


  1. Thank you for this wonderfil inspiration and encouragement today, Cinner. I really needed it today.
    Shine On, Beautiful One !

  2. AMEN, amen, and A-A-A-men! Thank you, Cinner. xoO

  3. Fresh air certainly does clear the cobwebs! I thought of you when I picked up my glass of water yesterday. I've just had breakfast, will get out in the fresh air very soon!

  4. Love old houses - and fresh air!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. You are not alone either my dearest friend. I walk with you!
    I open my windows and the breeze comes in and I thank the Lord for my sweet friends. They enrich my life so.
    I count you as one of them!
    Thank you

  6. celebrating life is a wonderful awareness. thank you and lovely weekend to you.

  7. Fresh air always revitalizes me as well. There is nothing like inhaling nature as a treat fro the senses.

  8. I had to come by Cindy and wish you a very happy mother's day. Love that fairy. ☺ Have a great day today. You remind me everytime I stop here to live my best life. In your corner...cheering for you....Sarah

  9. And laughter helps, too.

    You totally cracked me up when I read "maybe not if you live by a garbage dump..."

    Don't know why, it just tickled my funny bone. :-D


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