Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roses or Rosey?

Hi I hope you all had a great weekend.
Today we went over to my MIL's for a visit as hubby worked on the weekend.
We had a nice visit, came back here and sat out in the sun.
We finally had plus 20 which was wonderful.
I did watch Oprah today,
the audience had all lost over 100 pounds.
very inspiring. The only way it happens
is by having the determination and the drive to do all you can do.
So once again I am getting real with myself.
I want to be one of those people whom love to exercise.
So I am going to work harder than ever.
Have I done all I can,
No not by a long shot,
But I have a plan and a goal,
and a never quit attitude.
I feel motivated and that is a wonderful feeling.
I have been doing a lot of bending, stretching, fetching,
the last few days due to a new arrival to our house.
A mother's day gift for me.
and two days later I have already
fallen in love with the little thing.
I think her name is Rosey.
because hubby said she is better than roses.
So I had lots of laughs today.
tonight she discovered the water nozzle and was quite alarmed
when she got wet, My dog Kula sits across the yard
letting me know this is totally unacceptable,
wants no part of the puppy.
we will all get along eventually.
Take care for now,
oh does anyone have an idea for a girl dogs name.
Wishing you all the best of days.


  1. Oh she is so precious!! How about Bella??
    I am partial to that name! Ha!
    Stay determined dearest one. You and only you can make the difference.
    Hugging you

  2. You are amazing, Miss Cinner ! You are so strong and determined, and you know what ? The life you are living everyday is rich and wonderul, just as it is now. Keeping those goals in focus and working towards them is fresh fruit chopped on top of a gorgeous bowl of frozen yogurt !(rather than icing on cake, you know !)
    I love the name Rosie myself ! So cute. What a treat to have such a sweet new member of the family. I think Rosie may stick...Enjoy the puppy !

  3. Your new fur baby is adorable. Such a sweet little face. I had a Rosey dog for the same reason...better than roses.
    And as for determination.....that's all on you my dear. You are determined and strong. Good for you.

  4. For whatever reason, I want to call her Amber. She is SO cute Cinner! Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  5. Oh Cinner, your puppy is so adorable! I love puppies so much. I know you can do this because you are full of perseverance and desire.

  6. Hello.

    Your sweet message and works charms my heart.

    The prayer for all peace...

    Dear hug, From Japan.

  7. HI LOVE-

    adorable puppy. Enjoy.
    Love to you

  8. Lovely puppy. Walking her will be instant and easy exercise for her and you.

    Motivation is the ticket to this journey. You can do it. You are worth it. Stay strong!

  9. Lov that pup!
    I really miss having a doggie.
    My pup's name was Quiche Lorraine.
    After the B52's song. Loved that doggie!

  10. Oh, she's so gorgeous! Looks much like my friend's dog who also has red fur...she called her Ruby.

    She'll keep you on your toes!

  11. well there will be no rest for you now my girl, and little Rosey is gorgeous, don't envy you the potty training though. have a ball with your new addition to the household.

  12. Oh, your new baby is precious!
    Love that face!
    Enjoy her!

  13. awww, here it is! but she is gorgeous!!! Love her. I hope Kula will accept Rosey soon! I just had a sad news last Saturday, our dog Mr. Timi, he is 11.5 y/o and was diagnosed with Cushing disease. He has to take medication till the rest of his life. I'm sad he has a condition but I'm happy that if he has a problem that we can treat it and that his quality of life will improve! Just today we started the treatment, we will see how he reacts, we now have to find out the best doses for him. So keeping my fingers crossed it goes all well and that he is well soon!!! Just wanted to share ... :-) have a wonderful day, sending love your way!

  14. Awww, your new girl is adorable. And yep, they DO keep you busy, LOL!

    For our new girl, we picked the name Joey. It was a play on words, since she has such a joyful and enthusiastic nature, and when she first came home she rode around in my apron pocket, like a baby kangaroo... a Joey. :-)


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