Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Soul Searching.

I am back, I had a lovely time at my sisters wedding,
She was so beautiful,
you can view some wedding photos on my other blog on the sidebar.
I have come back home with a renewed sense of energy, it was a much
needed time away where I could reflect on some of  lifes issues.
I have also taken a look why I started this blog,
it was to help me get healthier, not to be worried by numbers,
or how good or bad I was doing in comparison to others.
Am I eating Healthy......yes
Am I exercising........yes
Do I like myself.......yes
And I am brought back to the fact that I am me and am grateful for who I am,
I am at peace in my mind and loving in my heart, and that is the most important thing to me,
To be a good person,  to be patient and understanding.
my weight does not define whom I am, the loss of weight will help me live a more
active life style, that is for sure.
So lifestyle remains a focus, I remain me as I am this size or any other,
I do not apologize for being compassionate and understanding.
I have learned a lesson, only I can choose how I react to 
what I percieve to be negativity or anger,  and for that reason I
will continue to live Each Day As Best As I Can.
I am strong, I am Proud, and I am staying away from any stress  in my life.
Why, Simply Because I have the right to.
Because Life is About Choices and Control.
I am only in control of me and what I choose to write on my blog, and everything pertaining to my life.
Have I had an easy life, no I don't think so, Have I Much to be Grateful for.
Absolutely! So onward and forward believing in me.
Yes I Can Do It, I am not a Quitter.
Until next time I hope you are having
Your Very Best Day.



    I love you as you are - always have - always will - no pretense or adjustments needed - not even a tweak, :-) So good to see you and glad to hear you had a lovely time at yous sister's wedding- "YAY"!!

    Love to you always
    peace "hey"

  2. So happy to hear from you. You are a strong and beautiful woman and certainly no quitter. So often you bring me encouragement and I adore you for it.

  3. Cinner - you are a strong, gentle kind and very wize soul! You have talent and compassion and every good thing!
    And it is about getting healthy - and never about the numbers... The peace we have at the end of the day is the best reward!

  4. These are lessons we all need to be reminded of ... frequently. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  5. I am happy that you enjoyed your time away.

    As I read your post my heart smiles... you are lovely ~

  6. And you'll inspire us all to success, you are so amazing! Whenever I read your blog I am so blessed and in a better frame of mind. Thank you for that!

  7. Hi Cinner, I stopped by your other blog and your sister was a beautiful bride :-)

    Onward and forward is the way to go. I'm right be hind you cheering you on.

    xo jj

  8. You have always been a warm and wonderful person, love you just the way you are......:-) Hugs

  9. You are special and I am so glad we are friends!!
    Continue on your positive journey!! Let nothing dissuade you!
    Be well and I am having a wonderful day. You too sweetie!!

  10. Hi Cinner,
    I couldn't agree with you more! Weight does not define us...It's someone's jovial spirit that people respond to...and you have a wonderful spirit that even over the internet it makes people happy!

    I hope you had a great time at your sister's wedding...I'm going to see the pictures!

  11. The world needs people like you and me, with our big compassionate and loving hearts so very much right now, Cinner. Don't ever forget what wonderful gifts we bring to the world.
    I am grateful that you have been brought into my life through this blog.
    I hope you are living your very best day today too.
    Love and light, my Friend !

  12. Awww hon.... I have been in much the same place..working through life stuff. Struggling along some days. My weight is up a bit..I am dealing with all the fun stuff that comes with age..sigh. But like you I am a fighter..and lean towards the more positive side of life..cause I am just that way!
    Hang in there inspire me every day! Plus I love you!!!

    The bloggy thing..yeah..been here too..I had to rethink it all over this last six months..where did I really want to focus my time...I love rededicated myself there and to my Etsy shops..but alot has faded to the sides..other groups and memes..just no time. I needed time with the family..and art..and of course my do understand hon!
    Hugs and love to you, Sarah

    Ackkk wrote a novel..guess you touched something there hon:)

  13. Yes Cinner, you are all those things and more! Just you remember that! I'm so happy to hear you say you believe in you, that's one of the most important things anyone can do. Keep going!


  14. Weddings have a way of making us look at things differently, don't they? I just had my little brother's wedding. It is hope and goodness.

  15. oh cindy...this post made me want to jump up and down and shout. That things are working out for you is not by accident....that your life is peaceful and b/c you aimed at it and fought for her. I've told you this in the past and I mean inspire....Stay strong out there and have a great weekend. Hugs to you. ☺☺

  16. I love visiting you Cinner because you are so positive an always an inspiration to me. You have inspired me to get moving more. That is an amazing feat! Keep on doing what your doing. You are a bright spot in my day!
    Love Di ♥

  17. Oh Diana, you are so kind. I am glad you are going to keep moving. it really is the key I think. you should have seen me doing all the stairs at the wedding with my cane. little kids were running past me and I thought oh if I had their energy, but I have mine so I keep trying. just so you know you are a bright spot in my day too. love you.

  18. Sarah, you are awesome for all your support. You need to know that I would not be whom I am, your story touched my heart and made me believe again, and that is huge for of the walking angels.....have a great weekend. thanks so much for all you do.

  19. Chris, yes it definately is feel good. did you post any wedding pictures. how are you doing? I wish everytime I come to visit that I were back on my parents farm. have a great weekend.

  20. SueAnn, so glad your having a great day. nothing is going to get me down.
    sometimes I take on too many problems
    that are not mine....I think I am learning my shoulders are only so big. have a great weekend.

  21. Maria, thank you for that, believing in oneself when sometimes you feel no one else does. It is what gets me through. glad our paths have crossed dear one. have a great weekend.

  22. Sarah, I am glad you wrote a I so admire all you do, with so many things on the fire, you do remind me of me, we definately are fighters and just keep going...I hope you get time to enjoy the weekend with your children. do you have the daycare on the weekend too. Love you too Sarah.

  23. Kim, yes we do have great big loving hearts. I see alot of me in you you know. I too am glad we crossed paths. I need to get your email, I will check your blog. Have a great weekend. hopefully you are doing something the rock fairy going to be out and about. love to you.

  24. Bernie, I love you too. I do miss your posts. figure you are busy with life. isn't the weather wonderful. A great weekend to get an Ice Cappucino from Tim Mom always calls it Tom Hortons....makes me laugh everytime. have a great weekend
    Bernie, hugs to you.

  25. Joanna, thanks for cheering me on, it means a lot. My younger sister was beautiful. We talk every day on the phone. It makes me so happy that she is. She has been such a good mother to those boys through all the hardships of a divorce....she always said never again, that she would just get a we were all surprised when she found the one. have a great weekend. think of you often and hope you are well. love to you.

  26. Pauline, I am glad you feel inspired and in a better frame of mind. I don't know but if you are like me when I get tired my frame of mind can just go in the opposite direction...I guess my reason for lots of naps. lol. hope you have a great weekend. I am catching up on blogs today. so will be by to visit. think of you often.

  27. Tammie you are so kind. I did have fun, glad to be home, glad to have the sun shining, hoping to get out and take some pictures this weekend.
    hope you have a great weekend, can't wait to see your next creation. hugs.

  28. Violet Sky, we all need reminders, You are always inspiring when I visit your blog. I love visiting you, so glad we have crossed paths dear one. have a great weekend.

  29. Anne you are the wize one, and the creative one. I am amazed at some of your blog posts. I think to myself now where did she come up with that idea. and yes peace at the end of the day. I love that you are able to do so much travelling and I thank you for taking me there with you to see such lovely places as the Grand Canyon. I watched the movie 127 hours the other day...amazing. have a great weekend. think of you often my friend.

  30. Mina, your a dear you really are. I hope you have a great weekend. The sun is shining here, so I am wishing the same for you there. hugs to you.

  31. Gail, right back at you, not a tweak.
    I have been thinking lot about you lately. I guess wondering what you and Skipp have been up to and happy that you are able to spend more time together. I am coming to visit your blog and play catch up and see what you have been up to. Hope you are feeling well. love to you my American sister. hey.

  32. Gosh, I happened upon your house and totally love your outlook on life. I'm following you and hope to see you soon.

  33. Glad to hear you had a fine time at the wedding.

    The blog can ebb & flow anyway your heart desires. Stay compassionate, stay focused and you'll be happier more often than not.

  34. I am grateful for who you are too.

  35. I was pleased to read this post - you sound like you are in a good place. (((hugs)))


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