Sunday, April 10, 2011

Setting Attainable Goals. Not a Cher or a Raquel

Hey there friends,
Today I found a weight loss journal plan,
lets face it there are bound to be a few in a box.
I was about twenty, so 28 years ago.
Well I opened the pages of this journal,
and it was a laugh and a half,
more so because of me looking at it now.
On page one was a picture of Raquel Welsh,
with notes written underneath,
I want to look just like her.
I would love to have her long legs and sexy body.
She is perfect.
On the next page was Cher,
well once again I wanted her long legs,
and her eyes, and her clothes.....
So my point is this we have too make reachable attainable goals.
both of the ladies are close to six feet.
I am five feet two on a good day,
I know even with stilletos that these legs would look short,
and besides I would not be able to walk.
As for Chers bone structure and deep set eyes,
well plastic surgery is not in my plans...
So I asked myself today okay Cinner
if you could look like anyone who would you want to be.
And I am being 100 % honest.
There is no one that I want to look like,
there are some interesting character traits
I may want or aim for, but no I am me and happy with being so.
I just want a slimmer, healthier version.
You know I loved Phyllis Diller, She could make me laugh and laugh.
I remember watching her on a show where she took off her wig
and showed what she really looked like, she was so beautiful and in her comfort zone.
I have never forgotten that.
I bought a new pedometer this week,
and a new journal and doing exercises for my back.
I walked on my treadmill today and well here it is almost Spring time.
In a few more days I want to start walking outside again,
even if I have to track down Stanley to do so.
Stanley is my cane for those of you who don't know.
So that is my plan for the week, hubby is back to work after a week off.
Maybe I will be able to get some work done.
Have a great week all.
Take care.


  1. Nothing wrong with being 5'2", and you are absolutely right. I think you are beautiful just the way you are and everyone has something they want to improve on. I like where you are at my friend....Hugs

  2. I remember her!! She always made me laugh too! And Toby Fields...she would make me cry I laughed so hard! Yes! Love yourself!! You are perfect just the way you are!!

  3. People say "one day at a time" ....
    but for me, that's waaaay too long.
    Maybe one meal at a time.
    One bite at a time.
    One choice. One breath.
    Cinner, you are a gem!
    Good post!

  4. Hello! Your blog looks beautiful. I really like this background. Isn't it funny how when we are younger we set such outlandish desires for ourselves? I know I have read some old diaries and just had to laugh and also realize how very hard I had been on myself. Now that I'm older I try to be a more realistic and a lot kinder to me. Much like you. Have a great week!

  5. Hi beautiful-
    keep on keeping on. and I love you.

  6. Hi Cinner,
    I'm 5'3"! lol I made a post this morning for An Excursion into Beautiful....You are one of the people I thought of when I wrote it (It's underneath the post with the journals.) Anyway, I hope you will see it...I think it will mean alot to you...Keep thinking positive--YOU are beautiful!!!

  7. Hey Cindy....your words are right on...being who we are is the best to aim for...Me too...I always wanted what someone else had or looked like but now...I'm pretty content being me. Hope you and Stanley have a great time out there. The air smells so good...the birds are happy...and your spirit is soaring.

  8. You know, I went to see my mom last week. She is 85 and lives in a retirement complex. Do you know I heard the women there, including my mom talking about their weight. My mom is 85 and her friend is 93 and they were worried about their weight. OMG.

    I want to be healthy, but honestly we put so much pressure on ourselves because we are women. I don't see men standing around and talking about their weight. I am going to start walking again now that the weather is getting warmer here. I don't think I can ever look the way I did when I was in my forties, but I just want to be healthy. Now that I am 62, I think about the health of my heart.

    Otherwise I made a promise to myself that I will not be 85 and still worried the way I look.


  9. Sounds like a great plan! You are always so positive!

  10. i love it when we look back and we learn that we have more comfort with ourselves. nice to not wish for things that we can not have.

    thank you for your kind visits and messages.


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