Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop Bullying the Cat

well winter is still here, although the days are starting to get warmer.
My husband was off yesterday and we went for a nice long walk,
well a long walk in my terms, and then he took the dog for a run.
When you have an illness you have to work within those limitations,
gradually improving  little by little until suddenly you notice a change in lifestyle.
today I am getting ready for the wedding on the weekend.
My sister is so excited, she is going to be so beautiful.
I will be taking pictures for sure, actually I am doing the wedding photos.
Hubby will be helping if My Cataplexy slows me down at all that day.
So as family is gathering I may not be around for a bit.
Lots to do, lots of laughs ahead.
I wish all of you that are undergoing tests the very best possible outcomes.
My dog is turning into a big bully, chasing the cat,
I swear wants to have her for lunch.
they both need to get outside.
........we are all feeling a little housebound.
I am going to exercise, I need to refocus, and continue
on. I hope you have a great day, Stay Strong!


  1. Beautifully shared! Sadly, I have seen some go private due to ugly comments, and it is sad. I also struggle with pics of people and their things shared without their knowledge in a negative light. We'll keep on keepin' on though... :)

  2. Good morning my dear friend!! I love to hear the lightness in your words..I feel such happiness there! I really do!
    Whoooot a fun is that..and folks coming..and you taking photos....happy dancin'! I am thrilled for you hon!
    Don't ya just love when you get to the next level of feeling better..or reaching a goal?
    Thank goodness the weather is turning here..cause my cat is making me nuts..silly wild crazy girl..which generally she is not. Spring fever here for sure!!
    Hugs to you hon!
    Love, Sarah

  3. HEY GIRL - you are amazing. Can't wait to see the pics of the wedding and also your new hair-do!! right? :-)
    And if Imay - rather than say "doing stuff within your limitations", call it "doing stuff in celebration of your freedoms"!!! k?
    Love you -
    we are off for a ride and adventure in a lil while and it includes a small ice-cram cone - yay!!
    Love you girl

  4. Good morning! I hope your exercise session was inspiring and life-giving! :) Sounds like a fun weekend ahead for you - enjoy and cherish the moments.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your sister's wedding !
    Take good care of you and as my mom would say, go slow to go fast !
    Much love !

  6. Old Chinese proverb....Do the best you can...with what you have...where you are.
    Sounds like you've been doing just that.
    Hope the wedding is a wonderful day

  7. The wedding sounds like it will be a nice distraction from the weather BLAHS!!! I hope you have a great time Cinner, well I know that you will!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Have a wonderful time at the wedding! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  9. Cindy! thinking of you!!! Have a wonderful time at the wedding, weddings are such a joyful events :-) enjoy enjoy enjoy!! sending lots of love and some spring!

  10. so the wedding has been and gone by now hope you loved it and hope your pup has left your cat alone haha

  11. Bullys suck, don't they!
    Mean old dog...... leave Miss Kitty alone!
    Stay strong, Cinner!

  12. Be well to Cinner...enjoy the wedding and be at peace in your body!

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